Destination Dolomites.

by Dave Anderson 2

Dave distracts himself from the current inclement weather conditions by reminiscing about his summer holidays in the Dolomites earlier this year.

If you’ve read ‘Getting High’ in Issue 77 you’ll know that the theme of nearly all my summers has been Mountains (capital M obligatory for obsessive reasons, obviously). This summer like every other involved the familiar pattern of loading up the Multivan ‘AdventurBüs’, getting the ferry to Rotterdam and hitting the autobahn in a generally southerly direction.

After last year’s trip to visit SRAM in Bavaria I’d cobbled together a rough plan of heading back below the Weißerwurstäquator, stopping off for a few days in Tegernsee before heading through the mountains via Innsbruck and the Brenner Pass to end up in the Dolomites for a bit of exploratory adventure. Simple eh?

Braustuberl welcoming party

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  1. where is “that” picture ?


  2. That was Bavaria, the year before. It’s under permanent embargo…

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