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In Issue 77’s ‘Stat Of The Art’ column, all about the angle and dangle of your handlebars, we illustrated the 1% of folk who favour ‘oddities’ with a picture of a Jones H-bar. It has since become apparent that some of you don’t know what an H-bar is. (Or indeed who ‘Jones’ is.)

So here’s some propaganda from Jones’ European importer, Biff, to enlighten you…

Latest Jeff Jones H-Bars®

These bars may look unconventional but the bottom line is that they flat out provide better handling and more comfort over a traditional handlebar. Better hand and body positions ensures more power, comfort and control.

Titanium and Aluminium H-bars® are available this November. The bars are now built with a 31.8mm center section. The Loop H-bar is compatible with all major shifters but the Cut is only compatible with thumbshifters and (flatbar) dual control. Both work extremely well on singlespeed bikes. Here’s a short film of them working well in Oregon:

Facts and figures:

Cut H-bar

Width center to center (at rear without grips): 590mm / 23.25”
Width widest point (without grips): 610mm / 24”
Width overall (cork grips and wrap): 645mm / 25”
Finish: Ti bright hand-brushed, Alum Anodized black or Anodized silver
Sweep: 45 degrees
Rise / Drop: 0.5” / 13mm
Weight with bar plugs: Ti 400g, Al 430g
Retail price: Ti £400, Al £115

Loop H-bar

Width center to center (at rear without grips): 667mm / 26.25”
Width widest point (without grips): 680mm / 26.75”
Width overall (cork grips and wrap): 692mm / 27.25”
Finish: Ti bright hand-brushed, Alum Anodized black or Anodized silver
Sweep: 45 degrees
Rise / Drop: 0.5” / 13mm
Weight with bar plugs: Ti 485g, Al 502g
Retail price: Ti £400, Al £115

“The handlebars several hand positions, accentuated with pre-installed cork grips cork tape, were so natural and comfortable that I wonder how people ever put up with conventional straight, flat bars.” – Karen Brooks, Dirt Rag.

And in further Jones news…

A Jones Spaceframe. Curvetastic.

A new run of Jones steel bicycles will be available this autumn. Diamond and Spaceframe versions, with either a Jones Unicrown fork or the (exceptional) Jones Truss fork are coming. Amendment from Biff: “Steel Diamond frames with the Jones unicrown fork are next to arrive. Then more (Biff still has a few) Spaceframe/Truss framesets will follow.” The latest versions have a clear powder coating, over the decals, on top of the tough powder coat paint finish for appropriately rugged good looks. A full range of frame-fitting bags are available for bikepacking and touring capabilities and the Unicrown forks have custom mounts for the Tubus Duo low-rider racks. Special UK interest: Alpkit are making frame bags for the diamond frame and the Spaceframe. Prototypes are being worked on now and they have a lovely Jones/Alpkit logo combo. So every model can be ridden off into sunset after sunset. Or, closer to home, whether geared or singlespeed, you can hit your local trails with incredible precision and the smile you only get riding such a brilliant bike. A rigid bicycle that is anything but. Frame and forks designed in harmony to deliver a pure cycling experience like no other.

UK (and European) stockists – Charlie The Bikemonger, Sideways Cycles and Bothy Bikes (in the UK) and Singlespeed Central on the mainland.

Go to: or email for more info.

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