Wiggle Mountain Mayhem – quick report and results

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We’re beavering away behind the scenes to bring you a fully searchable set of results, but in the meantime, here’s a quick taster of who came where (at the bottom of the page)

The full, complicated CSV files of the results can be found here: www.frsystems.co.uk

To start with, the course was cleaner than the spectating zone. Picture: Jon Woodhouse


Now the er, dust has settled the reflections begin. Without question this was one of the toughest Mayhem events in its 15 year history. The rain during the week ensured the ground was soggy at the start, which made for some extreme ‘plastic’ mud clogging. The first lap was completed in a record breaking (for length) 1hr 7 minutes, which served to impress on all the waiting pit riders just how extreme their lap was going to be.

Before the off. All thoughts turn to the post-race laundry job. Picture: Augustus Farmer/ Wiggle.co.uk


Picture: Jon Woodhouse

Early evening saw more rain come through that continued right through the night and into the early morning. It was some comfort to the riders that this new rain turned the sticky mud to proper runny slurry that at least fell off bikes and allowed them to work.
For the first time in its history the rules were changed to allow teams lap totals to stand if they took the decision to stop racing before the 24 hours were up. Many took that option but equally many chose to slog on to the end and the traditional Pat Adams handshake on the line.

Time to get the well-earned Pat Adams handshake. Picture: Jon Woodhouse
This Ninja Turtle didn't seem to mind. Picture: Augustus Farmer/ Wiggle.co.uk

2012 Mountain Mayhem Results

Solo Men:
1. Mark Sprat 14 laps
2. Dan Treby 13 laps
3. Will Hayter 12 laps

Solo Women:
1. Julia Hobson 11 laps
2. Amanda Brooks 10 laps
3. Verity Appleyard 9 laps

Expert Mixed Teams:
1. Hope Technology 20 laps
2. Scott Racing 19 laps
3. Wiggle 18 laps

Open Male Teams:
1. RAF Cycling 19 laps
2. Melbasa Ritchey 18 laps
3. Juice Lubes 18 laps

Open Female Teams:
1. Scott Contessa 14 laps
2. Four4th Lights 14 laps
3. Need a Skedaddle Holiday now! 13 laps

Sport Men:
1. Tap Timing 2. 17 laps
2. (by 80seconds) Stif.co.uk 17 laps
3. Whoo-haa Rammit 17 laps

Sport Women:
1. Campingninja.com 12 laps
2. Dirt Divas 11 laps
3. Tunnel Hill Troll Ladies 8 laps

Sport Mixed Teams:
1. The Kinesis Morvelo Project 17 laps
2. Zepnat.com 16 laps
3. Ayee Gringo Ayee 16 laps

Teams of Ten:
1. The Magnificent Ten 18 laps
2. KTM 17 laps
3. Cyclewise Altura 14 laps

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