Wiggle Mountain Mayhem: Gallery One

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Here’s part one of our photographic exploits at Mountain Mayhem. While Mark, Matt and Jamie were busy manning the stand, and you were all busy riding round and round and round, Jon and one or two of friends of Singletrack, were roaming the event with cameras at the ready to capture all the muddy grins and silly footwear choices they could find.

You don't have to be sane to work here, but it helps. Picture: Augustus Farmer/wiggle.co.uk
Singletrack socks: good for all conditions. Picture: Jon Woodhouse

Yes it rained, yes it was muddy. And despite (or perhaps because of) this, we had an absolutely brilliant time.

Stay tuned for part two – and in the meantime if you’re feeling like you missed out on the whole British Summer 24 hour Racing Experience, then get your entries in for Sleepless In The Saddle. Obviously we can’t guarantee it will rain (in fact we hope it won’t, we are all out of Vanish) but we do know it will be fun…

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