Midweek Mini Movies 98

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Okay, what with bank holidays and whatnot, we’re not quite bisecting your week with our usual precision but we’re still going to provide you with a decent reason to kick back during your lunchbreak, or at least free your imagination from the shackles of worktime.

Fabien Barel is one of our favourite Frenchmen, mainly because of his penchant for infeasibly slack and long bikes. Like anyone who’s anyone these days, he’s got his own web series. It’s following Fabien’s all-mountain adventures in a variety of spectacular places with some of the most talented riders in the world…

There’s a vast difference between the best skills coaching videos and the worst. In NSMB‘s new ‘Hey Coach’ series, Darren Butler of Endless Biking and some man on a 29er help you to improve your cornering – tips include looking with all three eyes and telling you to get screwed. On a serious note, it’s a well thought out bit of skills tuition.

Here is Tom Grundy’s edit from the recent Marin Bikes 2012 launch day that Jon was set to attend, before a freakishly high amount of snowfall left him gently wheelspinning in Sheffield. The venue was Peaslake in Surrey and the weather – blazing sunshine.

Chipps culled this from Danny MacAskill’s Twitter; the trials supremo was sent this tribute video by five year old Jack. It’s incredibly heartwarming – but in another way it’s deeply depressing, ‘cos he’ll be much better than us at balancing on and hopping off things by the time he gets another candle on his birthday cake.

This week’s entry into the “TAKE ME THERE, NOW!” category is this edit from Himilayan Rides. Unsurprisingly considering the location in the Mustang region of Nepal, it’s utterly spectacular.

Tony the Jedi returns for another instalment of his regular video blog, with a quick roundup of how his skills coaching has been going plus his usual kit check.

We like to operate a right to reply here at Singletrack, so this message made us chuckle. Cat, Paul, Jim and Jules saw the Molini freeride video from a previous MMM and posted us this:

“After seeing the Rockstar energy drinks movie just before we headed out to Molini a few weeks ago and then witnessing the stickers they stuck everywhere I wondered if I could nominate our little holiday vid for your ‘midweek mini movie’ section.  We are not sponsored and we don’t wear our hats sideways but we had a great time and our soundtrack is much better!”

Yes, yes and yes.

They build them tough up north. Here’s Blower (and friends) of ‘sweary Northerners’ forum fame riding some classic Wharncliffe tech – with a pot still on his ankle. Happy healing! (Just in case the ‘sweary Northerners bit doesn’t give you a hint, there is some potty language in this one).

Matt’s Arts and Crafts Corner

Don’t do it in the park. Alright? Utter madness from America. Deeply NSFW.

Feeling down? Unhealthy? You need magic diamonds.

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  1. Don’t do it in the park. Loved it.

  2. Cracking content this week. I’ve been stuck indoors revising and sitting exams for the last couple of weeks and these videos are doing what they intend to do to the viewer…but of course I’d never, ever do it in the park. No sir.

    I wonder if Shaun White has a vagina?

  3. And some good music too from Radical Face and Naked and Famous….

  4. Awesome vids as usual, those Wharncliffe trails look crackin!

  5. At least I learned how to break a man properly. Now I know where I’ve been going wrong all these years. Everyday is a schoolday!

  6. You could do it inthe park in Scotland…

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