Sea Otter 2012: Foes Racing

by Chipps 6

Foes Racing always has some good stuff to see at the Sea Otter. Its industrial, chunky, shaped frames stand out well against the more organic lines of other bikes.

Here’s the prototype of the new Foes FXR. I can be switched between 6.3 and 7in, will come with a Maxle rear end (and a different ’55mm’ head tube) with a lazy head angle of 65.5°

The bike will ship with a Fox DHX Air, rather than a Curnutt, to keep the costs down. Frame and shock weigh in at 8lbs, so Foes reckons that a 30lb bike is achievable.


Foes FXR 2013 proto


Chunky welds and a Fifth Element aesthetic

Now something for the 29er fans, here’s the Shaver 29er. It follows the established Shaver 26in and offers 5in or 5.5in travel, a Maxle rear and a 55mm (integrated 1.5in) headset.


They won't miss you on this one - Foes Shaver 29er
All up weight is said to be 31lbs with a 7.6lb frame and shock.

More prototypes. This one is for the Shaver Race – it’s a 26in Shaver ‘but built for play’… Foes wouldn’t say if it would make production, replace the Shaver or just be something that all the shop guys ride that you can’t get…



Here’s the Hydro DH with a Matt Letch approved 62 or 63° head angle…


 And finally. Another fun bike, the SSV Prototype – comes in 15in only and is meant to be a jump and play bike for people that love welded stuff. I think that about covers it.




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  1. Liking that Shaver 26.

  2. do they still do curnutt shocks? they are/were rad.

  3. The 29er looks bloody good too.

  4. Are they 150mm QR15mm forks on that 170mm FXR?
    Looks odd to me

  5. I mean 175/178mm FXR, it being 7″ mentioned above

  6. Yep, they still do Curnutt. The Fox shocks are there to make the bikes more affordable.

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