New Shimano Zee 2012 downhill groupset

by Chipps 2


Not everyone can afford Saint. And nobody can afford to keep landing on it from unsuccessful jumps, so Shimano has come out with Zee, it’s new downhill groupset aimed at the more amateur downhill enthusiast. (Wasn’t that what Hone did last time?) Anyway, it costs less than Saint, weighs in a little more, but has much of the technology, like IceTech rotors and ShadowPlus rear mechs.

Zee brakes. Neat one finger levers, but no tools-free reach adjust


Zee chainset - still a single ring only outfit.


Zee rear mech - runs the ShadowPlus clutch system. You can choose either wide range or narrow range cassette capability, but can't switch between the two.


Split clamp lever for those who love to swap handlebars. Ahem.



Here’s a quick run-through of the new Zee prices

Bottom Bracket  29.99

Chainsets – HollowTech II – Includes bottom bracket cups (165-170-175mm available)

For standard 68-73 mm BB shell width. 36T ring only. £109

Cassettes – 105 narrow range £53. SLX wide range £55

Rear derailleurs

ZEE – M640 SS – Shadow+ – short cage – 23-28T close ratio £69.99
ZEE – M640 SS – Shadow+ – short cage – 32-36T wide ratio £69.99

Gear shifters – Rapidfire pods (pair) 2-way release £34.99

Disc brake – fully-bled Lever, hoses, and Calliper – custom fit £144.99 an end.

CentreLock rotors £24.99-£34.99. Six bolt rotors £19.99-29.99

Hubs – £54.99 rear (12mm x 135, 142 and 150). Front hubs £44.99

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  1. It may just be my cynical side but the cranks seem to have the exact same profile as my old Deores? But for £110?

  2. Why do you need 2 shifter pods if there’s only a single 36T chainset option?

    Thought that about the cranks also.

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