The Making of Singletrack Issue 72

by singletrackjon 21

The other day our designer Sim and publisher Mark got up bright and early and headed to the Midlands. It wasn’t to ride bikes, it wasn’t to get early bird tickets for a Slade reunion gig and they completely ignored the pleasures of the (pork pie) flesh on offer in Melton Mowbray.

It was far more important than that – they were going to see the freshly redesigned and relaunched Singletrack Issue 72 roll off the printers and make sure absolutely everything was perfect before it could be sent out to subscribers and bike shops across the country this Thursday, 15th March.

Here’s a little video from their trip to tease you…


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  1. That is thick! Can’t wait for mine to arrive, well done boys and girls of Singletrack!

  2. Loving the deliverance ring tone at the end:)

  3. It’s looking great, but I’m already panicking at the mess my postie will make of that as he rams it through my letterbox. He’s managed to knacker a couple of the older “slim” copies. I may well have to take a router to the door to make a suitably large entrance.

  4. Wow, excited to see the new design, looking forward to seeing it on the doormat

  5. Perhaps we can make a ‘magazine funnel’ to attach to the letterbox to achieve ideal delivery…

  6. When I look at this full screen (mac/safari) the ‘buy’, ‘categorised’ etc panels float on top of the video.
    Not sure whether this is a feature or not.

    Looking forward to the mag..

  7. Vinnyeh – I’m using the same combination here and it’s working just fine. I’ll get Patrick the Internet Man to take a look though…

  8. …and he reckons it’s an intermittent fullscreen issue with Flash rather than our site or your browser. If it’s really annoying try clicking through to Vimeo. That’s the best we can offer you sorry…

  9. Its a BEAST! At least there will be no doubt when it arrives…. THUD… Posties across the country are going to be cursing Singletrack before too long though!

  10. blimey that is thick hope the postie can get it through my letterbox by the way nice to see your printers using a quality forklift (doosan pro5)sad arn’t i only know cause i work for the biggest dealer in said forklifts down south .

  11. Next time your Lincolnshire bound – how about organising a readers ride in the area? Your mission should you choose to accept it is to plan a half decent ride in Lincolnshire that’s not in the Wolds!

  12. Looking good and nice to see you’ve stayed with Warners.

  13. Can’t believe the size of it! For a minute then I thought you were holding an Argos catalogue! 😉

  14. Any news on when premier users who bought the one-off deal might receive it?

  15. just went home for lunch break and found 90% letterbox space filled by issue 71 :)) forgot to eat until break was over so will have to subside on tea ´til tonight….
    just the best bike mag int the world!

  16. Looks great. Liking the extra white space. Nice work people

  17. Damn you Singletrack magazine! Received issue 72 this morning and wow. I’m currently just a digital subscriber but I’m defo gonna have to get the printed sub too. You’ve somehow made the best mountain bike magazine even better. Well done everyone involved. Long may it continue.

  18. Issue 72 is pretty damn fine so’ve set yourselves a high standard there.


  19. You’ve made it even better and it was the best one out there as it was.

  20. I certainly heard it when it arrived this morning – this is no longer a magazine, it’s a journal! Loving the even more minimal cover and photo that wraps round the whole ma.. journal! Was worried about there being a change but that swiftly went away when I saw it 😀

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