Magura goes big

by Chipps 5

The new Magura TS suspension fork series
Magura is the latest (and one of the remaining…) fork manufacturer to announce a 29in fork. Interestingly, it it also one of the first to announce a fork for that near-unheard of (for now…) middle size of 650B, or 27.5in…

Its a TS-8 150. Complete with 15mm axle and special fork bottom caps to protect the lowers when you've got the wheel out.

Called the TS (or Team Suspension) series, the range will incorporate the following sizes and travels:

26in – 80 – 150mm

29in – 80-120mm

And now 650B – 120-150mm


The forks all have the familiar Magura dual arch design and the new 29in forks will have 15mm bolt-thru axles. Magura will offer a standard or tapered steerer fork, with the promise that the taper is one of the shortest tapers, allowing the forks to fit in short steerer tubed 29ers. The 650B forks ‘are compatible with almost all 650B tyres currently available’.

All TS forks use the ‘Fork Master Concept’ where Magura claims “it is possible to manufacture forks with a sensitive response where special bushings, seals and surfaces work together with the Fork Master Grease (FMG) to deliver an exceptional ride. The forks feature progressive suspension characteristics that prevent over-response even in steep terrain.”
The new MAGURA M15 thru-axles have been especially developed for MAGURA 29in forks. They feature a “self-retaining thread that makes additional locking of the thru-axle unnecessary. Simply tighten the axle and the wheel is safely secured.”

Forks will come in black and white colours and are supposed to be available as soon as May/June 2012.

Not heard of 650B? We guarantee you won’t be able to move for the things next year…

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  1. X-Fusion 26″ forks (Velvet) are also rated for 650b out of the box.


  2. No mention of QR fork lowers. Are Magura the first fork manufacturer to abandon them in favour of only bolt through forks?

  3. AdamM – I believe that all but 3 of the new 26″ forks will be QR but the 650b & 29ers will all be 15mm through axle.

  4. The Pinkster is correct. That’s my understanding too.

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