Midweek Mini Movies 91

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The sun is shining, the weather is sweet – or at least it is here at Singletrack Towers. Midweek Movies is being brought to you by robots this week ‘cos we’re all off riding, buying vans or simply holidaying.

Ever wondered what the trails you drive by on the way to somewhere else are like? Endura MTB Racing’s Oli Beckingsale finds out, taking a trip to the Highlands of Scotland to test his legs on the West Highland Way after a winter of hard training.

Here’s the action from round two of the 2012 Midlands XC Series, held at Cannock Chase last weekend. They had a packed out field, with over 400 racers turning up to make little white stars and 808-style snare drum noises happen in their heads. It’s all been shot by xtrailfilms.com and for more information head to midlandsxc.wordpress.com or you can register to race at xcracer.com.

The Germans seem to be leading the way in riding down steep things at the moment. Here the Vaude Vertriders do some chunky hike-a-bikes and then eat up some exposure for breakfast. Probably not worth watching if you suffer from vertigo.

There’s plenty of video action from the first round of the UCI DH World Cup, but here’s something to put just how huge the jumps are into perspective – Brooke MacDonald over-sending it at Pietermaritzmurg…

Bearded lovely Ed Oxley and Trail Addict/Trans-Provencalist Ash have been making us extremely envious with this video from Sospel in the south of France. It looks terrible, all those 11 minute long descents in the Maritime Alps.

Tony Doyle of UK Bike Skills returns once again to talk tyres, skills and keep you up to date with the Force.


It seems that MTBcut have been busy passing on some filming tips to the younger generation of Highland riders. They’ve named themselves Team Snot and they’ve borrowed some very orange Orange bikes from somewhere. The joys of being young…


Two Dutch friends cycled from Alaska to South America to promote awareness of the basic human need for fresh water. It’s an uplifting and truly epic journey…


Probably our favourite promo edit of the year so far; Aaron Laroque shoots Brendan Howey on his Commencal during the Van Island winter. It’s like loam-porn shot in Velvia slo-mo technicolour.


Matt’s Arts and Crafts Corner

It’s the section where our Matt takes over to show you his side of the internet…

LOLERZ! Sometimes self medication goes too far, leave that stuff to the horses.

It’s another old lady doing Yoga

Neil Blender 80’s skateboarding madness

LSD, ergo(t) Albert Hoffman


60’s cycle safety weirdness of weirdness.

Big thanks to everyone for their suggestions and submissions this week. lIf you’ve seen anything you reckon should be up here, then fire it over to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and we’ll take a look…

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    I have mountain biked on acid. Endless suspension.

    Forget the riding. I want a closer look at that mobile heli-cam they used in the vaude shoot

    The riding in Sospel looks awesome

    Someone did a Boards of Canada music to the 60’s bicycle safety vid. Very fitting I think…


    That microcopter work is superb.

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