Bamboo Bikes launch race team

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Pandas bloody love it – and a British company hopes that mountain bikers will get a taste for gigantic grass too. Bamboo has been in use as a frame material since the 19th century but Yorkshire based Bamboo Bikes has brought it up to date with their bamboo and flax frames which they launched at last year’s NEC Bike Show. In fact, they’re so confident about their handmade frames that they’re going to launch their own race team. Here’s their release:
Yorkshire built and panda proof.

“The launch will take place at Sherwood Pines this Sunday 25th March, which hosts the first XC National stage of this year’s racing. Five riders will complete the team, the youngest at 15, including two women, all with previous racing successes to build on.

Oxford Brookes University designed and engineered the frame, with Green Oil and Torq completing the line up of sponsors, giving the riders a good level of technical support. Races will include the XC national series, Nutcracker series, Mountain Mayhem, Stilettos on Wheelsand Cycletta – two women specific race series – as well as some endurance/marathon events over the year.
The team will race on Bamboo Bikes’ XC MTB, a bamboo/flax frame, built with XT and Fox forks.  The frame has passed BS EN safety standards for Mountain bikes and the frames are now in full production, with a waiting list of 8 weeks.

Rachel Hammond, Bamboo Bikes’ MD says “This is a very exciting time for Bamboo Bikes, we can’t wait to get the bikes out on the course and see everyone’s reactions at a full team on bamboo frames!  We expect to turn a lot of heads!”

Full team line-up: Will Kearse, Jordan Bateman, Dee Fry, James Hards and Carly Portlock.

There is a new Facebook page for team here

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  1. That’s a great way to give confidence in a product.

    While I’ve always been intrigued and pleased by the presence of bamboo bikes, I’ve never really considered owning one.

    Good luck!

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