Midweek Mini Movies

by singletrackjon 7

Wednesdays child is full of woe – but why? If he’d got on to Singletrack he’d have been able to fritter away his lunchtime and get a spot of inspiration for the end of the week, instead of wallowing about feeling all glum. Fool.

Bearded bad man Ed Oxley has many talents and rides bikes of all colours. He was recently invited to be master of ceremonies at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival bike night and decided to take the long way there, via road, fatbike, a quick bivvy that makes Matt Hunter look soft, then his bouncy bike and finally a big wheeler. His styles are an inspiration to us all…

Joe Barnes has been on a mission. Not content with pulling super sweet power manuals out of every corner in Scotland, he’s been planning to ride a classic downhill every day for five days and then video it for your delectation. On the second day he created the firmament went to Achnacarry for a ride with Ruari Watt down the 52 trail. It looks like it’s speeded up but we’re definite it ain’t…

The gentlemen of Twelve50 bikes have received one of the first Cube Stereo SLs in the country and they’ve been slithering around Delamere woods. Drift-tastic…

Benji, Matt and the Swede have been playing out in the slither too, riding some of the steeper parts of the Calder Valley. Isn’t soft, spiky rubber amazing?

462 mph is quite fast isn’t it?

Bike Riders United and Vito Sport have returned to show you how to get round corners with the help of Steve Peat, Sam Pilgrim and Oli Beckinsdale (we’ve interviewed him in the next issue by the way). As well as going round corners faster, it’s also got a useful segment on the advanced techniques of two person skidding. Skills.

Matt’s skateboarding corner now: Antuawn Dixon. Smooth as butter…

If you’ve seen anything you reckon should be up here then drop us a line at newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and we’ll pop it up here. Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions for this week…

Comments (7)

  1. That Joe Barnes front wheel footage is rather humbling.

  2. Ed, real adventurers don’t drink Latte! 🙂

    Great vid BTW

  3. That on-one 29er looks nice…

  4. Think I’ll be using the two-person skid on this Sunday’s ride, with some euro-lycra-racer-boys coming up behind me. 😉

  5. Loved Eds movie, very funny. Im straight on to alpkit site to get me one of them latte / bivi combos i just hope they’ve got a left hand version

  6. Enjoyed Ed’s video. However that fat bike looked a dull thing to ride. Saved me the expense of trying one and so thanks.
    (Shouldn’t have been surprised but they are strangely fascinating)

  7. liked the crotchless leather chaps in eds video !! do rapha make a version of these ??

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