Wednesday spy shot: SRAM XO DH Mech

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Spotted at Leogang, being put on to Greg Minnaar’s Santa Cruz V-10. Greg was also running a new Blackbox Boxxer fork. Neither seemed to slow him down.

This new mech is designed to work with close-ratio cassettes like modern downhill bikes run. With Peaty running XO brakes in disguise last year, could this mean that there’ll be a DH flavoured group coming out later this year? Or is this just a special-order mech for the fast boys (and girls)?

We pressed our contacts at SRAM and they came up with this hugely vague statement:

“…we are capitalizing on the versatility of the X0 groupset to bring downhill racers and riders optimized performance for their kind of riding.”


Small cage, Blackbox and, no, you can't buy it.

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    Funny that because it looks exactly like the one I have on my bike and exactly like the one you can buy on CRC. So I guess the fact that it’s got a short cage (if by cage we do mean the cage that the jockey wheels sit in) isn’t it’s differentiating feature. I guess it’s about the tooth difference in the cassettes that the DH peleton run?

    Maybe it has stronger springs to decrease movement or its built to work with these newer 9t cogs we are coming across on the pro DH scene now.

    How well does it work in that new cable-less format?

    Probably only costs a bazillion pounds, too.

    Geetee, guaranteed it’s not the same as the one you have on your bike. It is not just a shirt cage X0 mech.

    They’ll be available soon for retail.

    Pauly that much I was sure of – it not being the same as the one I have. It’s not ‘just a short cage mech’.

    looks like SRAM Red – with a different sticker set – makes sense close cassettes are the things of road bikes

    I’ve heard that the DH lot have run road mech’s for years, is this new or just the latest of the same as usual?

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