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This week’s edition of small streaming movies is here; goodbye productivity, hello hiding your browser window behind a particularly impenetrable looking spreadsheet….

We’ll start this week off with MS Evil racing team manager Markus Stöckl setting a new, unofficial speed for mountain biking on gravel, hitting a rather terrifying 102.5mph down the side of a volcano in Nicaragua. Wonder what happened to those rubberised downhill bondage skinsuits the Mojo team had after the UCI banned them? Wonder no more.

The week-long TweedLove biking festival has been taking place in the Tweed Valley in the Scottish Borders. There’s still time to head up there and catch the last few events before it finishes this weekend. In the meantime, here’s some video of the local riding scene to inspire you.

Mmm. Dust, whips and plenty of other good things in this short edit featuring Bernard Kerr on his Pivot Phoenix DH. Aspirational riding.

This edit has a complete lack of whips and dust but we really like it because of that. Barry Reid rides his old trails in Kilmorack, Inverness-shire. Reminds us why we get out and ride despite the grey skies and soggy ground…

A few pros headed down to the 2012 Olympic Course after the Dalby World Cup to have a sneaky ride of the course. Here’s what race day will look like from the perspective of Geoff Kabush’s groin…

Last week we brought you the triple backflip, this week we bring you the backflip triple tailwhip. Next week, who knows?

If you find BASE jumping a little dull for you then obviously you need to try wingsuit proximity flying. Simply dress up like a flying squirrel, find a cliff, jump off it and then try and get reaaaaaallllly close to the things you’re plummeting past.

It’s the yoof tearing up the trails in the Clyne Valley – Youth in DeClyne, geddit? A nice little edit sent in by Josh. We’re definitely going riding this afternoon now.

The 10th year of the Ritchey Bristol Bike Fest took place at Ashton Court last weekend and here’s the edit from the folks at Mercedes Benz Vito Sport. Loads of lovely winding singletrack…

The boys of WideOpenMag sent us in this banging edit from the Leogang World Cup. You can check out the second part here too…

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Comments (10)

    barry reid sort the pads out! get some pads that fit or some longer shorts! poor show!

    Is that REALLY the Olympic cross country course? What are they trying to do? To think people have paid money to watch the pros ride round that…………

    Seriously… that is the most bizzarre POV in the Olympic vid, I now know how it feels to be Kabush’s shlong. Not something I ever really wanted to experience… 😆

    Flying squirrels vid almost made me want to throw up, just out of pure fear. Do those guys fall so fast cos of the size of their cojones? Awesome music choice though, reminded me of playing ‘wipeout’ on the PS3, circa 1997, which allayed the vomitus feelings somewhat.

    weirdly at 1.36 on barry’s (nice) vid, it looks like the cranks are on reverseways?

    The olympic course= a field with a load of rocks dumped in it. If it were a trail centre, would u ride it? No
    Neither would I.

    I must have been bored – I made it to 1:07 in that Kabush vid. Or maybe I woke up at 1:06 and it took me a second to hit stop.

    Kabush’s vid of the mtb olympic course – my 2 1/2 year old could manage that on his specialized hotrock balance bike!

    The London Olympics MTB path, we could have shown GB off and had it in Scotland or Wales or even Exmoor maybe promote a bit of outside bike tourism to the mountains and smaller villages or areas let them see the amazing scenery on the tv and add some realism to the london olympics or we can create a path in essex, negativity over im sure it will be thrilling viewing and I think the GB team are made to riding fixers with man bags just to keep it even more london.

    So the Olympic MTB stuff will just be about fast racing rather than anything remotely technical. Let’s hope for plenty of rain to make it interesting. Nice slippy rocks & cloggy mud.

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