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Wednesday comes round again but we’re here to ease the feeling that being sat in the doldrums of the week can cause with some video to inspire you this weekend, this evening or in fact any day you like.

Cast your mind back to the week before last. Nice wasn’t it? All that dust? Riding (if you dare) in a T shirt, feeling the first kiss of summer on your pasty skin. Well, those days are over, but Joe at ThisIsSheffield managed to find a little bit of it on a sunny Saturday afternoon, filming James Swinden ragging through the loam. Opening is quality too…

If you can excuse the intro (during which someone says a bad word, watch out kids) then this vid from the Coastal Crew in BC has got some amazing bits of trailbuilding and riding in it. You’ll be more stoked than Thomas the Tank Engine. Seen.

If you’re the kind of person that likes those programmes on the telly about the World’s Biggest Mega Steam Powered Bridge/Train/Ship Engineering Connections (and we are) then you’ll probably find this video rather interesting too, taking a look behind the scenes of mail-order giant Chain Reaction Cycles. It follows what happens when you make a number of small but wise upgrades to your bike at 3am, all the way to your partner seeing the invoice for £500 worth of biking bits on your desk along with the unpaid gas bill. Actually it just covers the part of the operation CRC controls, but you get what we mean…

Oli Townsend sent us this video, saying: “Although I’m now no longer a full time mtb guide, it’s hard to get it out of my system, so when I was invited to go and research new trails in the far west of Nepal back in March, it seemed too good an offer to turn down! We spent 5 days riding some of the best trails I’ve ever seen, all of which had 8000m mountains as a back drop!”

He’s not wrong, the scenery is stunning and the riding looks brilliant too – for more info check out www.nepalbiking.com/

It might not be as glamourous as the North Shore with all the massive booters, senders and woodwork that’d make a joiner feel all warm and happy, but up in the North Yorkshire the guys at SingletrAction do some sterling trailbuilding work. This video from last yearshows some of the work the volunteers do and it’s even got our very own pelvis popper Tom dB riding in it. There’s a lovely Handicam glow to it all too.

Gary Lake has been ragging his Cotic >X< 'cross frame about his local woods and although web boy Jon is a anti-dis-cyclocrosser, even he has to admit it looks fun. Lots of bluebells too, which make everything better...

Bob from Campbell Coaching has returned with a fourth instalment of their skills tips series. In this one he wants you to stop braking – or at least stop braking in silly places. As you’d expect it’s full of people going over the bars as well as having plenty of advice and tips in it…

That’s all for this week – if you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here then fire it over to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and we’ll take a look…640

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