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Lynskey don’t believe in do-it all bikes, they believe vehemently in making something that’s perfect for the intended use. They’re renowned for their own bewildering array of handmade Ti frames, as well as being responsible for all the Ragley Ti frames amonst others, and all production still happens in the USA.

We’ve got an interview with Mr Lynskey coming soon, but the company is expanding rather than sitting on their extensive Ti laurels and there are interesting things on the horizon. Composites and full suspension were mentioned…

Lynskey Pro 29 VF

Lynksey Pro 29 VF - a race orientated hardtail

This is Lynskey’s big wheeled race hardtail, but it’s designed to be as at home on technical singletrack as it is tapping it out on fireroad. Made from 3Al 2.5V titanium tubing, it has Lynskey’s signature  Helix twist on down and top tubes to provide increased stiffness and you can run anywhere up to 100mm of travel at the front.

Oversize headtube and large diameter downtube are new for 2011

For 2011, they’ve increased the downtube size, added a plate style chainstay for better clearance and a 44mm ID headtube for all your fork standard needs.

Plated chainstay gives improved clearance - can you tell a certain Mr Richards has been working with Lynskey?

Unless you’re vision is going a bit funny, you might have noticed the shiny finish on this frame. That’s a custom Houseblend option and the tubes have to be polished before they’re bent into the Helix profile. The price? Are you sure you want to know? If you have to ask and all that…

Twisted Helix tubing looks lovely too...

..okay, it’s a $1,999.99 option – it’s an incredible amount of work to bring the frame to this standard. Even so, the finish and quality on all of the bikes is rather stunning. Beautifully tiny and neat fishscale welds and lovely detailing abound. Prices start at £1,699.99 for the Pro 29 VF in less flash ‘industrial mill’ finish, so a Pro 29 isn’t entirely out of reach.

You can also get the frame with adjustable dropouts as the Pro 29 SL (also £1,699.99) and there is a Lefty forked, BB30 press fit BB version available off the shelf for £1,799.99.

Lynskey Backroad Touring

Lynksey Backroad Touring

Yup, it might be a touring frame but it’s the first one that’s tempted Jon to the dark side of panniers. There’s no loaded weight limit on the frame and Lynskey say it’s the strongest touring frame out there.

Guard & rack mounts, lovely detailing and there's a disk brake on the other side...

There are disk brake mounts along with 135mm rear spacing so you can run mountain bike 10spd kit and the headtube is a proper 1.5″ item. There are also full mudguard and rack mounts and the Vicious Cycles forks on this build have lowrider mounts.

Oversize head tube and neat cable bosses...

Geometry is designed to be nice and stable even when loaded. Basically it’s tough, slack and low – everything we like in a mountain bike on a touring bike. Perfect for all your world tour needs.

Basically a Nuke Proof Scalp for the touring world.

Lynksey Helix Pro OS Road Race

Lynskey Helix Pro Os Road Race

Even further from mountain bikes now, but we couldn’t resist posting a few pics of their latest top end road bike. Helix OS tubing, oversize 44mm ID headtube, race geometry, BB30 cranks…

Big headtube - and a lovely paint job

..but all we care is that it looks nice. Why don’t more people paint Ti?

Helix tubing looks lovely...


As well as their standard frame offerings, there are a number of levels of custom build. The Houseblend Custom allows you to take a standard Lynskey design and have the geometry tweaked to suit your own preference.

If you’ve got something special in mind then the Pro Build Custom is the one for you. There are four levels depending on whether you’re after a sport orientated frame or something for top level competition use. Lynskey will work with you to match the Ti alloy, tubes sizes, profiles and geometry to perfectly suit your intended use.

On top of that there’s an unlimited variety of paint and tube finishes available – well, limited only by the depth of your pocket and how far you want to go.

If you’ve missed the rest of our coverage of the 2011 Hotlines kit then take a look at the Ragley Bikes story and also the Nuke Proof pieces

Comments (9)

    What a fantastic looking frame, love the Helix look – looks and probably IS expensive!

    Those touring dropouts also look great!

    Polished titanium is the future of bike finishes.

    what is the theory behind 1.5 headtubes on the tourer and road bikes with what look to be regular 1 1/8 forks? looks a bit weird to me. I could see a benefit I suppose if you have a fully loaded tourer it puts less stress on the lower headset bearings but I’d have thought there’s an opportunity to beef the fork crown up a bit too?

    That helix stuff must be marketing mumbo jumbo… shiney finish is nice though…. shame those ‘neat’headtube bosses on the tourer seem to make the cable exit at a funny angle

    Twisted Helix tubing looks… er gack! ugly and pointless.

    Not into those tube profiles either.
    Dropouts are tideeeeeeee…..

    yuck, the twisty tubes look even worse painted I’m afraid

    Twisted tubes are silly.

    I’m far from being a fan of that twisted tubing. Though honestly, I don’t find it any more silly nor pointless than Specialized curved tubes and graphics. I choose that kind of variety over latest mainstream design proposals any time. In fact, especially in DH bikes segment, recently the industry finds it very hard to diversify their designs: Operator – Session – KHS – Norco – Glory – Summum.

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