NAHBS – Photos from the Handbuilt Show Pt4

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It's all about extended seat tubes... Loving the bike stand though.
Black Cat bikes from Santa Cruz. Makers of some of the nicest dropouts...
A nice Black Cat take on the 'classic' singlespeed. (Since when were 29in wheels classic?)
Van Gough paintjob anyone?


Get yer qwalidee fixie wear here!







A deliberately dirty bike? Or just 'cos it's been ridden? We hope the latter.


Swap the bars and this Caletti might make a good UCI legal 'crosser.


Bamboo. Yes, it's still around...



Paul Components. Making a living out of the niche for years. Great folks too.


Wiggley titanium tubes from Black Sheep


It was 'Edge' and now it's 'Enve' - makers of carbon everything!


A snowbike for delivering beer and pizzas? Yes please!



Ira Ryan with a brave colour choice that seems to work rather well.


Independent Fabrication. Winner of 'Best TIG Welding'


It's a Naked bike...


Check out the apparent lack of headset, seatpost or, in fact anything that's not purely 'bike'


Want to know who the judges chose as the best bikes, welders, paint and so on?

The answer is here at the official NAHBS website.


Comments (7)

    That orange/black Independent Fabrication looks lovely.

    Love the Naked bike, just looks ace having no visible joints/fixtures.

    Crabon belt drive crosser….Like.

    Was there any bikes with 26″ wheels there?!?!

    Not as an impressive set of bikes as previous years.

    How on earth does the naked bike work? Is there a pressed bearing in the frame hidden away as a headset? Its beautiful.

    also no skewers or vaguely visible wheel attachements.
    and is the saddle glued on, as there is no apparent clamp!

    wonder if its a two speed kick back hub in there…..

    welded saddle rails to post….yurp, internal headset…

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