Midweek Movies

by Chipps 14

It’s a mixed bag of seated suffering and massive hucking this week, with some fast stuff inbetween.

First up we have Leigh Timmis, who sent us the first video of his, charting his attempt to ride around the world, as covered in his website www.pedal360.com In it he demonstrates the random life of the cycle tourist, relying on the kindness of random (and usually quite mad) strangers. He does appear to spend most of his trip hungover too…

You can tell I have control today! (Matt)  So of course we have to have some skating as well. Check Josh Matthews and the absolutley insane backside bluntslide at the end of this clip. Believe…

Next up chosen by our new work experience lad  fifteen year old Ben G. (Why don’t I have a cool name like that?)

Want Gnarr? Super Gnarr?  Double triple extra R.A.D Gnarr to da max? Dan Lacey who rides for Federal BMX smashing the Universe and your mind in to pieces with his BMX.

Federal BMX – Dan Lacey Compilation from Federal BMX on Vimeo.

Bikepacking gone mad below and all the better for it. Ride the spine
” In July 2006, Jacob, Goat and Sean began in Alaska and have since pedaled over 34,000 kilometers, passed through 14 countries, arriving in Ushuaia on January 10, 2010 after 3.5 years of travel.”

If you read the Bios you’ll also see Goat doesn’t like wearing shoes so rode most of it barefoot or with sandals.

Riding the Spine: In Patagonia from Jacob Thompson on Vimeo.

Little Rippers- Love em hate em, can’t live without em- The Nukeproof Junior team is here. Ignore the Prodigy inspired music and check the riding instead.

Keep sending them in.

Till next week.

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  1. I answered “Not really appealed to me” to the question ‘Have you ever been cycle touring?’… Having watched the pedal360, I would like to change my vote to “No, but it appeals to me”


  2. What’s the cargo fatbike there?

  3. Hairychested – I think they started on Xtracycle addons, then moved to the Surly Big Dummy. But not 100% on the latter.

  4. genepi films are making loads of great stuff at the moment. fantastic little film was that.

  5. Loved the ES vid but gwaddamn I want to go skateboarding now!

  6. Good job TJ and Elfin havn’t seen the outro on the Genepi film.

  7. WTF is the “guys bouncing on balls” thing goingon in the 15yo lad’s fav video?

  8. Watching those big drops on the bmx video makes my wrists ache in sympathy. Would also have been amusing if the owner of the car parked opposite the last jump turned up during filming 🙂

    all brake less too, mentalists.

  9. Jacob and Goat.. top blokes

  10. It vids like this that spurred me on to blow £500 on a BMX to realise I’m rubbish at bunny hopping and manuals or the balls to keep hurting myself.

    OK yes I am too old for it SWMBO keeps telling me.

  11. BMX vid. Roxy Music. Is that what the “kids” are listening to these days??!!

  12. “Ignore the Prodigy inspired music and check the riding instead.”

    Prodigy inspired? That is the Prodigy. Now that’s more like it. Roxy Music indeed

  13. i thought i had a resonable interweb connection but these videos are a struggle…

    the skateboarding one is ace, like the music

  14. The wheelchair mtb in the french vid is the best thing I’ve seen in ages. Are they for sale over there?

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