Core Bike 2011: Part Three

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Buffs and Bondage –  tools for twiddlers – books for beavers- you get the idea.


You’ve seen that Buff video right?  The one where you can be a Pirate or a Nun? Well, here’s a few more..

The Military Love this one . They’re also popular in certain clubs apparently.

“So the President of Equador invited me to dinner”

“Actually officer technically it is hands free”

“The Law won”.

Actually apart from being able to play silly buggers with the classic Buff. They  have loads of new stuff -some of it is, well quirky…

The Bandana Buff… Buff think that it’ll be popular with openfaced motorbike wearers. A good look with a piss pot perhaps?

See that on his arm?

There’s a gilet in it – Buff “official wear”. 90grams of ultralight attached-to-your-upper-arm weather protection.

Multisport capripants

Buff’s Multisport Jacket. Proper do everything, go anywhere, foul weather wear. Foldable peaked hood – velcro-cuffs and thumb loops. And ting.

There’s few extra nice touches like a clear ‘window’ on the arm of the jacket to see what you watch or altimeter is doing and a iPod pocket on the arm with cable routing into the jacket.


Oh God. I’m the worst mechanic I know -and that’s by some as well –  I still want Birzman tools !

Samuri sword  inspired chain whip?

Nice chaintool

Exquisite chaintool – no idea why I need one but I do.

Nice rack…

Ergo spanners -and the biggest pedal spanner this side of  a Predator film just out of shot.


Tazer! Not made in the USA – consequently it’s a much more reasonable £550.00.

New Tracer: 142 mm rear end, the diplomat’s head set size of choice, 1.5  (It does seem simpler) 67 degree head angle. Adjustable  travel and they’ve beefed up the back end by increasing the chain stays by and a third and a 142mm rear and  direct mount rear mech should help with shifting as well.



Comments (12)

    I could imagine Vadar on that Tazar

    “Tazer! Not made in the USA”

    Probably means its straight and won’t crack so easily then…

    Capri Pants? This is a troubling development.

    Direct mount rear mech??? wtf?

    Love the look of the tracer 2. If I get one will it crack…?

    Don’t worry ScottChegg, I think it’s a typo for Crapi Pants, similar to those worn by most riders after unexpected drop-offs and steeper-than-it-looked rock gardens.

    those birzman tools are a pain (literally) the pointy bit of the handle digs into your palm and the cone spanners are a tad too fat to actually fit on a cone. They do look nice though

    didn’t mamadirt have one of those tazers months ago?

    that chain tool and chain breaker look great.

    was on CRC earlier and saw the Shimano chain whip, £45
    i jest not.
    i may continue to use an old tea towel or purchase a significantly cheaper yet still perfectly serviceable model.

    That Buff Jacket looks ace. Can you get them over here yet – can’t even see them on the Buff site?

    @ graphite, the new buff wear range will be out in april and on the site then… rrp on the jacket is £130ish, the guys one is grey with yellow zips, slightly longer bigger pockets/vents, red one pictured is the womens…
    Gillet will be around £65

    @xterramac thought the detailing on the collar looked a bit girly but it’s hard to tell with Buff sometimes! I like the orange tho.

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