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Welcome to this week’s edition of video distraction. Red Bull Rampage has been and gone, but we’ve there’s still plenty of video of the sheer madness of it all. Here’s the finals video…

Danny MacAskill has gone quiet for a bit but that’s because he’s been working on this, his new film Way Back Home. It looks like it’s going to be more of the awesome love child of BMX and trials riding he spawned with ‘that’ video…

Wheels firmly back on the ground and about as far away as you can get from air’n’tricks now, with this video of the Three Peaks Challenge cyclocross race.

From cyclocross to road – in a sense. You kind of expect road pros to, well, be a bit rubbish on a bike with knobbly tyres. Here’s ProTour rider Levi Leipenheimer of Team Radioshack on a mountain bike. There’s a lack of 60 odd foot gap jumps but he can handle a bike alright…

It’s nice when you lot send in videos, even when you aren’t road pros, cliff huckers or big name trials riders. Steve Bladon sent this video of him just riding in response to last issue’s Riding With Dogs piece…

Comments (11)

    levi’s trail looks class.

    I’d like to say how much more I enjoyed Steve’s video to any of the Rampage videos I’ve seen. Thanks.

    That three peaks video is the best attempt I’ve seen to capture what its like to do the race.

    The three peaks was a cracker

    I’d like a go at the 3 peaks descents with a sensible bike 😉

    So, this cyclocross thing, you pretty much walk carrying the bike for a bit and then ride slightly to one side of a nice looking descent yeah?

    Oh won’t somebody think of the erosion 😉

    that cx vid confirmed my suspicion that cx is a bag of wank. i liked the bit where it said a long technical descent as they ride down a smooth, wide trail with a couple of small drainage bars. rubbish!

    peachos – is your real name Rob Jebb or Nick Craig?

    Excellent short vid of a mammoth and moderately historical event.

    Have seen the levi Leiphiemer vid before when someone had been slagging off Leadville for being another dead easy race cos look, roadies keep winning it. Yeah cos riding a bike 10s of thousands of kms a year leaves you hardly able to ride a bike.


    aye, Levi Vid = QUALITY.
    but Where was his body armour and bombers?

    +1 for Steve’s video. I want to go ride now.

    I don’t expect roadies to be rubbish on a mountain bike, but I HOPE they are, ‘cos I’m rubbish on a road bike

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