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In an afternoon edition we’ve got this week’s roundup of video snippets for you to see. First up, here’s a stunning video from Aaron Larocque and Strahan Loken. Strahan also featured along with Dan Barham’s shots in the Peru feature in the current issue of Singletrack – Premier Users can read it HERE. Anyway, this video is called Project Golden and it’s all been shot in lovely golden light. Stunning.

The whole big mountain riding thing has seemed to simmer down lately, with everyone off slopestyling. Don’t worry, cliff dropping scree riding mentalism is still out there, with the NWD crew returning for ‘Where the trail ends…’ – awe inspiring riding, massive carved turns that bear more in common with snowboarding than biking and as ever, some proper penalty-for-failure trails…

Seeing as we’re on a freeride tip this week, the Red Bull Rampage is on this weekend and as usual, the world’s best riders get set free with 1,500ft of Utah dirt to sculpt insanely steep, techy lines and insane kickers and drops.

Slightly more down to earth and achievable are the trails in this video from from Madone MTB Resort in Sicily. Jon and Sim are hopefully headed that way towards the end of this month with the guys from Tri-Ride and the riding looks like it’ll be right up our street, with plenty of techy bits, fast flowing swooping and hopefully the odd spot of thrutchcore or dis-flow riding. Looks quite pretty too…

Again in an all mountain stylee we have this edit from Razor Images of Jay Clementz, winner of the 2010 Mega Avalanche, riding the new Cannondale Jeckyll. Actually, we should point out this isn’t all mountain, it’s ‘over mountain’ riding, as Mark discovered when he went to the launch HERE. While we’re digressing, tilt shift lenses make video look quite nice…

Finally in our big mountain edition we have ‘supreme tester’ Guy Kesteven who was filmed taking a beautiful over the bars wanger on Snowdon.

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    Fantastic Videos, just lay in bed and watched em all. Love Guys first words after the crash!

    Wicked track used in the first video. Kraddy – Android Porn

    Tilt-shift definitely does look nice, but there are plugins for popular editing apps that can do it post-processing.

    First one looked dull as dishwater. Then I watched Rampage and the Asian one and realised the first one is even duller than I at first thought. Nice sunset, boring riding just repeated over and over.

    Wow! ‘Where the trail ends…’ actually scared me 🙂

    I held my breath through that Rampage one. Awesome!

    What a great joy. – Thankyou.

    “taking a beautiful over the bars wanger”

    that means something quite different where i come from

    is that Northwest China in the asian one?

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