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It’s Friday and while you’re all getting extra servings of Really Fresh Goods from Chipps and Matt at Eurobike, we’ve still got a few shiny new things coming direct to the office. It’s getting towards night riding season now so we’ve got some lights in – these are NiteRider Pro 700 LED Race lights. As the name suggests, it’s got a bright 700 lumens of LED output and the Race part of the name means it uses a 4 cell Lithium Ion battery which gives up to 32 hours run time – the non Race version has 8 cells, lasts 42hrs and is 190g heavier. The batteries are designed to be replaced quickly and there’s an eight step ‘Fuel Gauge’ too see how much juice is left, but most interestingly you can use the supplied software to program the power outputs your specific needs.

Price: £399.99

From: 2Pure

Here’s a new NiteRider MiNewt 250 Cordless. Again, it gives out 250 lumens of LED darkness lifting and it has an integrated battery pack to get rid of annoying wires. There are three power settings, the brightest giving out 2.5 hours of light and the lowest 4.5 hours. Cunningly you can charge it via USB in around 4.5 hours so you can get ready for nightriding in the evening while you’re still at work.

Price: £129.99

From: 2Pure

Also in preparation for autumn drizzle, we’ve got a Mavic Echappe Softshell Jacket, modelled on Benji’s dining room portal. It’s made for high speed winter outings rather than steady slogs and uses Windstopper and softshell fabric with ClimbaVent  pits to help control temperatures.

Price: £149.99

From: Mavic

The Mavic Equipe Softshell Jacket is another tight fitting winter use outer layer, using Mavic’s trademark offset zip to try and reduce any uncomfortable pressure points. The cuffs are designed to be nice and tight to prevent warm air escaping and cold weather getting in. The pits are vented so you can control your temperature and we quite like the bright-but-not-gaudy yellow finish.

Price: £135.99

From: Mavic

Madison have sent us a Shimano 10 speed XT Dyna-Sys drivetrain for Ed’s Ibis Tranny Long Termer. You’ll be able to read all about it in his update in the online Latest Reviews section.

FC-M770-10 cranks with 42, 32, 24 chainrings. The middle ring is steel and carbon fibre composite for longer life.
Price: £189.99
RD-M773-10 rear mech. This is the SGS version which means long cage (the GS is medium).
Price: £64.99
FD-M771-10 down swing front mech.
Price: £34.99
CN-HG94 10 speed HGX chain
Price: £34.99
CS-M771 XT 10 speed cassette, 11-36 teeth.
Price: £59.99
Ed’s just waiting for shifters to complete the drivetrain.
From: Madison
Also for the Tranny is this Pro Series XCR carbon 31.6mm x 400mm seat post as tested in issue 59 of the Singletrack magazine.
Price: £129.99.
From: Madison
You didn’t expect Ed to have a trimmed lawn did you?
The final items in the Tranny transformation are these XC grips from Pro Series, the XCR single lock ring grips
Price: £14.99
From: Madison
The slither season is approaching and we are planning an online group test of waterproof shorts and 3/4s. In from Altura we have these Attack 3/4s (£64.99). We also have a pair of Altura’s detachable Attack braces (£TBA) which are a new product designed to keep your 3/4s up without having to over tighten the waist adjusters. The braces attach to both the Attack 3/4s and the Attack shorts (which we also have a pair of, £54.99) via special loops on the shorts. Looks like a great solution to the problem of droopy drawers.
From: Altura
Yet more shoes are flooding in for Benji’s Issue 61 ‘pub-friendly-trail-shoes grouptest’. This time it’s a pair of Time TXT Shoes. The rubber sole is a less gnarly and treaded version that most but the cleat is well recessed so it shouldn’t interfere when walking. The toecap and reinforced heel should prevent any rapid wear and they use a pretty standard lace and velcro closure.

Price: £54.99

From: Chicken Cycles

Perfectly named for a bit of night riding, the Mavic Cruize Shoes come in a stealthy black and again are SPD compatible but with a sole that should be comfortable enough to walk in. The uppers are a suede-y material and the sole uses Contragrip, a mix of rubber compounds and tread patterns to give extra hiking grip.

Price: £70

From: Mavic

Finally we’ve got Purple Harry’s Bike Floss. Coming in a number of flavours including Bristle and Fleece, you can use these handy bendable brushes to get into annoying nooks and crannies on your bike, such as in between cassette cogs, inside derailleurs gubbins etc, perfect if you really really must clean every inch of your bike to a clinically high standard.

Price: £13.99 for large bristle/small bristle/large fleece multipack

From: Purple Harry

You can also be very silly and use them to make pretend moustaches, but we wouldn’t do that.


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  1. I somehow feel that Ed should be sucking a lolly pop in that photo to make it complete….

  2. £14 for 12 pipe cleaners…

  3. are we idiot bike product consumers really daft enough to buy a packet of pipe cleaners for £14?
    they’re not even fancy colours

  4. Wasserprufs + Braces = Win.


  5. Lots of nice shiny stuff there. Can you ever imagine a time when a non-race shoe is reviewed without mentioning the word ‘pub’? It’s right up there with ‘steed’ in Great Cliches Of Our Time.

  6. That is a very expensive way to sell pipe cleaners


  7. Those of us with any sense have already attached braces to our “wasserpruf” troos…

    but well done Endura for the improvement on an already good product.

  8. i’d be intrested to see how many packs of ‘Bike Floss’ get sold.

    I’m thinking of marketing bike specific frame wipers at about £25 a roll. Available in either blue and white (XC and road) or yellow and white (DH All MTN) striped versions.
    I’m also doing cycling specific buckets at £40 each in orange or black and our new line of ‘Fettlers Gloves’ made from slightly smelly latex and available in a varietyof colours, the’ Fettlers Gloves’ fit like a guantlet to keep your hands dry and clean- a must have for washing, wiping and fettling your bicycle. £25 a pair or a twin pack for £40.

    email me for orders

  9. Yup I agree with the pipe cleaners you can f….

  10. Don’t know what’s worse, rip off pipe cleaners or that homeless guys beard…

  11. messiah – They are Altura shorts. It is a great idea I agree.

  12. Whoops… in that case good luck… my experience with Altura has not been so dry.

  13. i read about those guys in a sunday or saturday magazine with the papers.Eco this,eco that and then went on to describe how deraileurs and cassettes are hard to clean hence the pipe cleaner.Been mtbiking for 22 years and never missed having a pipe cleaner to clean my gears.

  14. “A new, unique cleaning product unlike anything you have used before. Inexpensive yet effective, Bike Floss does all the hard work for you and effortlessly tackles the bike’s mechanics, often expensive areas to replace if not maintained properly.”. Says the Purple Harry’s website. Inexpensive?????? Do they take us for complete mugs???

  15. pipe cleaners? whatever next, monkey tennis?

  16. What dick head is going to pay 14 quid for a packet of pipe cleaners?

    The sad thing is , I suspect that there are some mid life crisis consumers out there that will.

    Please Singletrack, can you stop feeding misleading crap to us.

    If I published a magazine I would have been embarassed to allow this one through.


    A person That doesnt get caught up in sheer stupidness even though bikes are important to me.

  17. monkey tennis – now i would pay £14 to see that!!

    can’t really understand the braces at all

    however the mavic jackets look cool. are they “thick & crash proof” or “thin & light”

  18. *grumble grumble* I remember being clipped into braces so my wool strides didn’t fall down when I was six years old and being taken out on the bike *mutter grizzle* and that was a bloody long time ago.

    Not exactly a groundbreaking solution to a newly-discovered problem, is it?

    I remember when it was all housing estates round here…

  19. Interesting, those Niterider lights would have been outdated and overpriced this time last year. And yet they’re still not the worst buy on the page 🙂

  20. 700 lumens and 32/42 hour run times, I don’t think so!

  21. Is it me or do all ‘non-race’ bike shoes look like the sort of cheap trainers you get from the indoor market? Gopping, both those pairs.

  22. topangarider – it’s not you 🙂 I have to be seen in public riding them :-/

  23. Why not get a pair of Vans SPD shoes in? Surely they will win on looks.

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