Kona Mash-Up – Glentress: Cancelled

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The Kona Mash-Up at Glentress on 24th July 2010 has been cancelled due to timing chip problems.

Straight from the horse’s mouth…

As you probably know we had the first round of the Mash-Ups on Saturday at Afan.

Unfortunately things went badly wrong. The timing company changed the timing systems, from mats and chips, to beacons and helmet chips. The system we were told has worked at several of the UK’s biggest sportives this year. The problem (which the timing company are still trying to work out), meant that at least one of the sections didn’t pick up the riders coming through at all, we only found this out during the afternoon, hours after the start. Although many of the riders still had a great day, the timing was simply not to a satisfactory level.

We have had timing problems before, most of which had been ironed out at the last Winter round. Sadly it looks like we are back to the drawing board, and enough damage has been done to the event to really question if we can run another round at all. The riders understandably have lost confidence in the timing and therefore the event as a whole.

Looking at these difficulties we see ourselves forced to cancel the upcoming Scottish event at Glentress. With regards to the December round in Glyncorrwg we are currently looking at timing this event manually and will keep you updated on the progress.

Depending on how you entered the upcoming Glentress round the refund will either put back on your credit card or you will get a cheque in the post in the next few days.

We would like to apologize for the rather disappointing outcome and would like to thank everybody for their support.

Michael Wilkens


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    should get no fuss to organize the event. i remember it was also canceled last year !!!!!! and there was also timing problems with other events in wales

    what a bummer.. i was looking forward to that one…..

    ah well, if i remember rightly there are events on all week (tweedlove.?!) so might head up north anyway….

    I have to be honest its a mixed blessing – bad news that they couldnt sort the timing out..(AGAIN!!), bad news for the local buisnesses but good news as the trails wont get trashed..After one year when it was incredibly wet the trails were a mess for a v long time after..

    amazed that a manual timing cannot be set up for something that is still five weeks away.. shame

    The good news is the monster (but bailable) ‘Natural Tweed’ ride – part of TweedLove – is going to be moved to the Saturday now. It’s a big, mostly natural route around the Tweed Valley on a lot of top bits of trail. And it’s free! Tweedlove website not updated yet but will be soon, with more route details and how to take part.

    Hi everyone!is it Credit card vs debit card works here? cause i don’t shure about another credit card company.

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