A ride of two parts

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Yesterday I finally had had enough, work had ground me down and I had to escape, a solo ride in the afternoon, up the hill to the top and a quick sit down to listen to the curlews.

25 minutes later I woke up, I’ve never ever fallen asleep on a ride before, even in the early hours of a 24 hours race! Refreshed I dropped down the other side to the pub, a sandwich and a pint of orange (!) and then back up the hill and into town.

Dinner of pasta and salad provided by a friend and then we were both off for the evening group ride. Old friends, new friends, about 12 of us in all, all happy to be out riding on a perfect summers evening.

The first few miles were tarmac, gaining the height the easier way, and then miles of dusty heather lined singletrack, just about in the best condition ever.

Finishing in the gloom, a swift pint at the pub ended a perfect escapee day, a grand day out.

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