Video: Singletrack Weekender DH Course

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It’s only a couple of weeks until the Singletrack Classic Weekender on the 3rd and 4th of July and things are coming together. We’ve put a large banner up in the quarry, Ed ‘Great Rock’ Oxley will be running free guided pre-rides on Wednesday evenings running up to the event (see HERE) and Rowan Sorrell of Back on Track has set out a  ‘old skool’ style DH course that should challenge but not terrorise the average rider, with more natural open parts, a lack of lethal do-or-die sections and lots of different lines to get you thinking. Ed got the man himself to tell us a little about the course…

What are you waiting for then? Get yourself an entry HERE and take part in the race that combines all the best bits of mountain biking into one event.

Thanks to Ed for the video..

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  1. How disappointing! I thought it was going to be helmet cam footage to give those of us that live elsewhere a chance to see the course.

  2. +1 for helmet cam pls

  3. Some photos of the course here. Don’t get too excited though, you’ll probably be disappointed…

  4. He looks so motivated and happy about this…

  5. Thanks Ed, yep you’re right.

    However, I’m sure it’ll be fine on the day. Will there be time to practice if we get up on the Friday night?

  6. Rowan lets his riding do the talking usually. It’s a much better way to appreciate his talent as a trail builder and rider.
    I build his bikes, and on some testing sessions for new (fabricated) parts he’s crashed heavily due to component failure and just come in and said ” That one needs a bit of work in blah blah area, then i think it’ll be fine.” I found out later he’d fallen over 8ft onto some roots.
    He’s just so laid back he’s taken it in his stride and still been professional enough not to diss the part or kick off.
    Shame there’s no footage of the track, but it would have to be slowed down to give you any info on how it rides for us regular joes.
    I’m not blowing smoke up his ass here, if you want to find out for yourself, book into a Dirtschool skills course and see it for yourself.

  7. Ed and Brant were making a video of the course today so I’m guessing it will be posted in the next day or two. Much slower than Rowan though!

    Rowan will be at the weekender so come along and see for yourselves!

    Come and spectate if you don’t feel like entering or even better come and wear a high vis jacket for a while and help out. Any surplus from the event will be going to Mountain Rescue.

  8. the vids on the ragley website as well.

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