Magura Crash Contest

by singletrackjon 7

Magura have just sent us this release – they’re are offering a new set of brakes for the best brake mangling crash video you have. Ignite the next stage below:

MAGURA ignites the next stage of its Mission Performance and is collecting your most spectacular crashes. If you join in and send them your video you might win a disc brake set of your choice from the German manufacturer.

Have you ever crashed? Have you perhaps even wrecked your disc brakes because of that? If so than make sure you get involved in the MAGURA Crash Contest. No matter if your brakes are from Magura or not – as long as you have managed to trash them in your crash. Besides that you obviously need a video clip that shows one of the following:

* You managed to capture the whole thing – from beginning to end – perfect.
* You don’t have a video of how you destroyed your brake but you filmed the spectacular results of your wrecked brake.
* You filmed yourself or your friends telling the story how your brakes got destroyed.

Now simply upload the video and with a little luck you can win a new set of MAGURA brakes at your own choice or smart gear from their goodie range!

For details click HERE.

Magura Crash Contest
Oh look, a leaf..

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  1. they dont have the same HSE problems we have in the UK then? should that have not been conducted in a safety cage LOL

  2. That guy made it onto the national news in NZ! thats how short of news we are……..

  3. @ 1_ache, Arrrghghh i looked at that and now my legs have gone all wierd…

  4. I ‘hope’ he gets better!


  5. jb boy – sad but I do remember an STW article about Magura that showed just such a cage around that rigin the video. wouldn’t have made such a good “story” though……

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