Just Riding Along

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A simple spin along tacky trails today was enough to put the spring back in my step, not a single big air, only a few stiles provided the technical content, occasionally dodging the poo bombs in the more walker frequented areas.

A simple low tech bike with just the one gear and dodgy brakes, a water bottle and a snicker bar.

Riding to the sea.

Sometimes its just about turning pedals, chatting with a friend, a pint at the end and of course the sunshine, karmic payback for all that winter snow.

Riding bikes is officially ace 🙂

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    Amen to that!

    I was about to say ‘Amen to that!’ too. It must be something in Steve’s delivery that makes us go all gospel choir on him. Yes, all bikes are ace! I’m off to find a butchers’ bike to go and have fun on…

    . .. thats it, Im leaving work now!

    too right 🙂 its got to be the best medicine know to man

    Go with the flow, whatever you ride, just turning the pedals will always cheer you up

    Right on queue, the summer weather is over and dust is returned to mush. We had a serious project review with customers today, but afterwards I took one of them riding on the Mendip – big muddy grins all round. Bikes were the antidote to a dull day.

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