Everyone’s a Winner. OK, maybe not everyone…

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Rob Myers just sent us a couple of ‘thank you’ pictures of his custom Lynskey competition prize that he won in Singletrack.

Rob points at the next issue of Singletrack and your chance to be as smug as him

It’s taken its time, but it’s finally up and together and Rob seems pretty happy with it. It just goes to show that someone wins something every issue with Singletrack…

Kinda pretty, eh?

Rob says: “You may recall from quite some time ago that I was the lucky winner of a Lynskey Ridgeline frame courtesy of yourselves, the frame was a long time
coming as there were none available in a suitable size, I received mine late last year and it has taken up until now, well last Saturday actually, due to financial constraints to finish the build but it was worth the wait. Here are a couple of pics of the finished bike, thanks again to you all, I had always wanted a titanium frame but could not justify the expenditure.”

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    Nice 🙂

    Jealous – hell yes!!

    risers and bar ends…surely this a wind-up? the fashion police on STW will have field day!

    front end looks way too slack … 120mm forks on an 80mm XC frame (?)

    It’s his bike and his build guys – cut him some slack!!

    agree with zaskar
    bar ends and risers – so what, those cane creek ergo bar ends are ace
    look like they are on back to front in 2nd pic though, but it could just be the angle of the photo

    comment above was firmly with tongue in cheek – i’m as jealous as hell. lovely bike…without the bar end…

    It takes a 140mm fork

    NICE but you do seem to have a lot of front brake cable there
    Edit oh and just noticed the back one too

    Not every winner gets there prize, my Friend Pat Couser is still waiting for his after the fiasco that was the design a riding shirt competition??????

    Are you a cross dresser Rob? That’s a womans saddle, isn’t it?

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