Fabien Barel On Road To Recovery

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In keeping with the French tradition of not really understanding the internet, here’s his story in a series of jpegs…

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    Falling is part of the game

    One of the top men in the sport. Here’s to yer getting back on your bike.

    I think this guy is class, an articulate man that knows what he’s doing and is respectful while doing it. I wish him all the best, sincerely. A true person to look up to in the sport.

    its a shame he’s missing the world cup, he was looking good. The guy has no look, first his knee now this.

    Here’s to a quick healing. I know what he’s saying. (apart from the 50k bit).

    Nice friendly dig at the French btw.

    Top bloke and what an attitude.
    Here’s to a quick recovery…

    ….and maybe some more commentating whilst out of action? He was the high light of freecaster coverage last year 🙂

    here’s hoping fast heeling!

    or healing as its more commonly spelt!

    What some people do to get some titanium bolts.

    As someone out injured at the moment, I am really struggling with imagining riding again soon. However, having read this, I’m feeling quite inspired with his attitude.

    Bon chance!

    Good healing, look forward to seeing you on the circuit as soon as possible.

    yeah top man, get well soon (not just for the sake of my Fantasy Downhill team!!!)

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