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We’ve had to sit on this story since the Sea Otter, but it’s official now. Dave Weagle has done a deal with The Hive, makers of cranks (and Chub Hubs) for them to take over e*thirteen, manufacturers of chain devices and the like. Expect to now see e*thirteen cranks (the former FifteenG cranks) and, with Dave Weagle stepping out of the picture, it leaves less of a conflict for other bike designers and manufacturers to spec e*thirteen at OEM level too.

Here’s the official word:

The Cake
The Hive proudly announces a merger with chain retention manufacturer e*thirteen. Independently, both companies are dedicated to designing and manufacturing industry-shaping cycling components. Together, we’ll build on our shared philosophy of strong engineering principles and quality manufacturing to deliver even greater innovation to a discerning customer base. Neither company would exist without loyal customers and industry families, so we thank you for being an integral part of our progress and inspiration. In the near future, we’ll be revealing several new products to be released under a shared brand. In an effort to get you back on the bike instead of in front of the computer, we’ll keep this short and sweet:

No longer FifteenG or The Hive, these DH cranks will become e*thirteen cranks

e*thirteen is integrating into the Hive, replacing the Fifteen.G Offroad product phylum. Current Fifteen.G cranks will be re-branded as e*thirteen and we’ll soon have additional product offerings under the e*thirteen offroad phylum–both gravity and XC. From here on, the Hive consists of e*thirteen Offroad, Chub Wheelgoods, and Revl Road. Since we all love to ride anything with two wheels, we are happy to offer groundbreaking products for all categories

The Icing
Looking forward, much from an operational standpoint will stay the same. Almost all of e*thirteen’s staff will become employees of the Hive. Some will remain in Massachusetts, while a few will make the migration to the Hive HQ in Northern California. Former e*Thirteen owner Dave Weagle, while no longer directly involved, is a good friend and will be sharing his thoughts and ideas. The Hive’s George Dubois and Greg Thrash will competently fill Dave’s large engineering shoes. With over 20 years of engineering experience in the bike industry, George and Greg have designed products for all the familiar, big names.

More details are here.


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    Why would people be more likely to spec e13 as OEM with DW out of the picture?

    does this mean my 15g cranks are now r@re and worth loads of money?

    Phylum? Is that what Irish people go to watch in a cinema?

    Why would people be more likely to spec e13 as OEM with DW out of the picture?
    I’d reckon because he’s associated with DW link bikes and non-DW link bike makers might not be keen on ethirteen because of it. I’m sure DW will be along shortly to tell me I’m wrong.

    Greg Thrash, now there is a name to rival Homer Simpsons’ alter ego, Max Power.

    In contrast Dave Weagle as a name seems to be the polar opposite and a little bit weedy compared to a name like Greg Thrash, which demands the utmost respect I imagine.

    stick to singletrack guys and let Dirtmag do what you lamely trying to do.

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