Sea Otter: Ibis HD now exists…

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The much salivated-after Ibis Mojo HD is now a reality. With 160mm rear travel and the DW Link suspension all combined into a carbon frame, it’s one of the most talked about things in our office, for sure.

One of the oddities of the frame is that the shock bolts clash with regular chain devices, so this proprietary MRP device bolts directly to the shock bolt.

The distinctive (and classy) Ibis head badge with the iconic Scot Nicol in the background.

Lime green isn't quite as horrible as it sounds

Cable routing for uppy/downy posts included.

Ibis Mojo HD. Like it?

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Comments (8)

    hate LT full suss, but that is pretty

    The Mojo was ace on Nan Bield yesterday. It will be interesting to see what difference the HD brings.

    Will those chain devices fit the standard Mojo?

    Doesn’t look like you can mount the FD any lower for running 2 x 9 (10).

    You could use an e type bb mount front mech I suppose if you wanted to go the 2 x 9/10 route.

    why would you want/need to lower the front mech to run a double set up?

    Hey All, our engineer Colin has been running a 2 x 10 XX all winter, he wanted me to tell you this:
    “the 42/28 combo works great. I’ve been purposely thrashing it in the mud all winter and haven’t missed a shift since I got it in October.”
    And although we probably don’t have mud here like you do, we did have a very wet winter. In fact, it’s raining again as I type this.
    We’re working on a double ring chainguide compatibility chart…

    Currently I believe the best dual ring guide to fit the Mojo HD is the new Heim2.

    The front derailleur should not be lowered for a chainguide setup…it should remain where it normally is according to the manufacturers instructions.

    The DRS and DSS guides also fit, but require a tiny bit of modification (read – file or dremel) to clear the main suspension pivot. With the DRS backplate, only 2mm of material needs to go…very quick.

    Single ring guides: LG1+ or SRS+ in the Wide angle position, BB mounted with the adapter outside of the 2.5mm BB spacer. Photos of single ring setup or dual ring setup are available either by emailing me philipw (AT) or via our forum.

    philip @ e*thirteen

    MojoHD+Fox 36-180 TALAS+XT=….. hangon. Where can I actually ride one?

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