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2009 saw the 2nd successful season and the extension of the Kona Mash-Up events to two events. We’re back for 2010 now with 3 events; a summer and winter round at the birthplace of the Mash-Up – Glyncorrwg plus the new addition taking place in Glentress. And it true Mash-Up style the two venues will have a slightly different setup.

Dates for 2010:

  • Round 1: 12th June 2010 – Glyncorrwg, Wales.
  • Round 2: 24th July 2010 – Glentress, Scottish Borders.
  • Round 3: 4th December 2010 – Glyncorrwg, Wales

The Kona Mash-Up 2010– the concept:
Due to having two different venues with slightly different setups the concept at the two locations varies slightly. The Kona Mash-Ups still maintain their concept of mixing timed with un-timed sections and riders will still go through the timed sections as fast as they can with their accumulated time determining their position within the event but the details at the two venues differ just a touch. Let us explain:

How it works in at the Glyncorrwyg events in Wales
Each rider enters a category. The choices are ENDURO or TECHNICAL.

ENDURO: You will ride a mixture of downhill, trail riding and cross-country (total riding distance of approx. 40km). You will be timed on the parts of the climbs, single-track and downhill sections at both locations. You will be timed on a total of 5 sections (not including the live timed DH run).

TECHNICAL: You will ride sections of the course but your time will only be taken on special single track and the downhill sections. You will still ride (or push!) up the climbs, but that time will not be included in your result, so you can take your time! You will be timed on three sections including the live timed DH run.

How it works in at the Glentress event in Scotland
We don’t have two categories here we only have ONE. Due to the high density of quality trails and the sheer endless ways of linking them up we will only have one category for everybody in Glentress. We will still run a broad selection of timed downhill and flowy singletrack sections but also throw in a timed climb for the riders who want to show off their climbing skills. The trails are put together so that riding certain sections multiple times is very straight forward. So if you messed up your 1st run or think that you can do better after a couple of training runs then simply go back to the start and give it another go. Riders will be timed on six sections plus the timed run if they want to be included in this stand alone stage. Please note that the timed climb will not be included in the over-all timing which determines the over-all positioning.

There will be prizes for the over all win as well as for stage wins at both locations.

The supporters:
Kona Bicycles is once again the title sponsor for this original event. For 2010 the Kona Mash-Ups are being supported by Mercedes-Benz and the Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport van. This versatile vehicle delivers on style without compromising practicality. The Vito Sport will be on site at the event, showing off its assets and why it’s got the mountain bikers’ seal of approval. Besides Kona Bicycles and Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport, Skyline Cycles, The Hub in the Forest, Sombrio, Torq, Saris, Cycle-ops, Ritchey, The Dropoff Café and MBUK are supporting the event, and will contribute to the huge prize pot.

The venues:
Glyncorrwg Mountain Bike Centre is regarded by many as the best trail centre in the UK. Just a short drive from Port Talbot (M4, Junction 40), the trail rich Afan Forest Park (of which Glyncorrwg is at the northern tip) offers trails for all technical levels and a variety of distances. Four trails with sheer endless variations start only a stone’s throw away from each other and can be easily combined for a ‘full on’ biking weekend. The Glyncorrwg Mountain Bike Centre is the starting point of the White’s Level and the Skyline Trail. With its showers, toilets, parking and camping, not to mention one of the best Mountain Bike Cafés the UK has to offer all in one spot, it offers the ideal location for the 1st Kona Mash-Up of 2010.

Glentress in the Tweed Valley has a massive reputation for some of the best mountain biking in the UK and beyond. From England or Scotland follow the A72 through Innerleithen. Glentress is 7km further on, entrance on the right. Glentress is probably the best biking centre in Britain, winning several awards. It has brilliant trails of all grades, changing and showering facilities, and a great atmosphere and the Hub in the Forest – a top-notch café and bike shop with bike hire.

Entry open now:
Entry for the 3 events is open now. Please go to the entry form page on the Kona Mash-Up website to secure your entry. Entries are limited and day entries will only be available if capacity has not been reached.

The weekends:
The event weekends will kick off on Saturday (12th June / 24th July / 4th December 2010) morning and will run throughout the day. There will be a broad range of companies showing off their products and services, and will have test products available for the day. Once the riding comes to an end, the prize presentation and the finishing party will be held at the Drop Off Café or The Hub Café for the Glentress round.

All the details and entry facilities:
The details for the event with further explanations, directions to the venue, time tables, course details, FAQ’s, downloadable entry form and our new online entry can be found on the event website

If you have any questions please check the FAQ section

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    I did the first one of these a couple of years ago and they’re a great idea but (and it’s a very big but) the timing was all wrong with loads of problems in results and one timed section being discounted in the end. I wanted to do them last year but heard more stories of issues with the timing at both rounds. What guarantees will they offer about timing for these 3? If I go to one and it isn’t right again I’d be after a full refund as really thats what you’re paying for when riding trails which are open all year to everyone anyway.

    I fancy the glentress one, might stay all week and ride loads then do the selkirk marathon event the weekend after..!?

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