Fresh Goods

by Nathan 37

Gusset Staff Stem
From: Ison Distribution

Gusset say this 6061 forged stem is light enough for XC biking yet burly enough for Freeriding. It’s available in 50,60,80 or 90mm sizes and it comes with a spare white front cap for the colour coders out there. RRP £29.99

Lupine Betty 14
From: Zyro

‘The mother of all lighting systems’ according to Lupine. Betty 14 has a 1750 lumen lamp and a 14.5 Ah Li-Ion battery. Box includes a helmet mount, 100cm extension lead, 12v car adaptor and charger one. RRP £899

Fox Gloves
From: Fox Europe

We got 2 pairs of Fox gloves in. The bright red ones are the new 360 Motocross style gloves – made with an internally padded Clarino palm. The Orange pair are the Sidewinder – an all mountain glove made from a leather, rubber and nylon combination.

Fox Tops
From: Fox Europe

Some Fox Threads. We have the Blackout S/S Jersey in black, the Flow in dark red, Live Wire Jersey in burnt orange and the Race Jersey in Kelly green.

Fox Flux Helmet
From: Fox Europe

The Flux has a deep rear profile EPS shell and an in-moulded shell design to cut down on weight. Our version has the Desert Cammo paint job. Comes with rear spoiler as standard. RRP £70

Fox Ultimatum Short
From: Fox Europe

These shorts have a high performance EVO inner liner which offers 14mm of moulded foam at the critical contact points. The inner liner is detachable. There are stretch panels under knees to allow for mobility when wearing pads. Mesh venting and inner leg zips allow for plenty of ventilation. RPP £100

Fox Altitude Short
From: Fox Europe

Very lightweight, these shorts have a 4-way stretch outer shell and have the same, detachable EVO inner liner as the Ultimatum above.

The blue stripper zipper

Howies Quickburst Jacket
From: Howies

Is it a jacket? No, it’s a gillet. This jacket features Quickburst technology, a solution to on-the-fly jacket removal, first created for fire-fighters. The blue zip area under the armpits work like stripper attachments, simply pull and the zip releases and the sleeves are removed without the need to stop and lose your pace. RRP £200

Howies Teri Bike Short
From: Howies

Made from 100% cotton, these lady specific shorts are engineered for active use with ergonomic cut seams. Elastic waist and waterproof and with plenty of storage pockets. RRP £95

From: X-Socks

Super socks. These socks have a bandage type material at the ankle to improve stability, toe protectors to prevent blisters and chafing, a duckbill shaped foot guard to prevent the top of the foot, a heel pad and each sock is anatomically shaped for either left or right foot.

X-Bionic Fennec Top
From: X-Bionic

This top is made with under arm sweat traps to prevent dripping and cool efficiently and the special structure distributes sweat evenly across the skin to ensure even cooling. RRP £15.50

X-Bionic Bike Tight Short
From: X-Bionic

These shorts are made with an ISO-Pad on the hip to hold warmth to the body. There is an innerlap air-conditioning zone near the crotch made from woven mesh to improve air circulation and the thigh area uses 3D construction to maintain perspiration on the thigh area to prevent over-cooling from evaporation.

It's a drifting Yeti on a bike, that can only be one brand...

And finally (for today…) what do we have here? It seems that we’ve been lent a new Yeti ASR 5 for a week. Chipps has been out thrashing it over hill and dale and will be running a review here shortly, but in the meantime, just enjoy the pictures…

Aluminium front end, carbon back end, tapered 'tube, neat colour scheme...
We do like that head badge
Yeti describe the ASR 5 as a 'tauter 575' and this seems to certainly be the case...
Sorry about the orange chain, that's how it arrived, honest. Look instead at the sparkly carbon stays and thick rubber protector.
Sometimes, working on a Saturday isn't all bad...

Comments (37)

  1. The “mother of all lights” does anybody really have nearly a grand to spend on a light?

  2. I just cant see how anyone would want to spend that kind of money on a light when you have bespoke diy kits available which are brighter and a fraction of the price.

  3. Hurrah, the world needs more 80mm stems.

  4. Camo AND a spoiler. you’re spoiling us

  5. Could they have found a duller colour to make a cycling jacket out of?

  6. Is that one of them new bronze anodized chains?

  7. £900 on some bike lights?!?!
    £95 on asome shorts?!?!?


  8. Scrummy Yeti.

    I’m sure it wasn’t there 5 minutes ago.

  9. It wasn’t there five minutes ago, but it’s there now 🙂

  10. X Bionic shorts – pad on the hip to hold warmth to the body, air-conditioning zone near the crotch and the thigh area maintains perspiration (?!)to prevent over-cooling from evaporation…

    …Oh come on – really?

  11. Is that Bridestones in the background?

  12. I LOVE fresh goods fridays.

  13. Don’t buy the stuff -> Stuff gets cheaper.

  14. £899 for lights. Do you get a trumpet fanfare out of the shop if you buy a set, a limo home and a free massage?


  15. after all that it’d still be a no from me peterpoddy. no matter what extras are included in that massage!

  16. yer £899 is nuts for lights..

  17. I have 2 sets of betty’s on the bike and a wilma for the helmet….

  18. duckbill shaped foot guard to prevent the top of the foot,

    To prevent what then?

  19. love that yeti,, it looks so right when the upper part of the swinging arm is inline with the shock

  20. Bridestones indeed. Not a bad bit of scenery out the back of my house, eh?

  21. Nice to see that Staff stem, got one of those myself… Very light, seems strong, extremely nice finish… And comes with the optional white face and a set of shims, all for £25. Can’t see any reason to spend any more tbh.

  22. someone needs some wd40 and a rag

  23. The stem is fine, cheap and cheerful, but the lights? Calling: STW lightbuilders, help!

  24. Seems I am one of the few who dislikes the Yeti

  25. Trekster, I’m with you. That Yeti looks ugly to me.

  26. £300 is too much for lights!! Thats £900 for a light!! Bonkers.

  27. I have to agree on the light thing, £900 for a a light is a joke. If it can’t burn my name into the moon then it’s not worth it.

  28. They are rather good though.

  29. £900 on lights? Bonkers. About as Bonkers as Howies too.

    The stem looks good – and I agree; decent looking stema t sensible price in a sensible length (80mm). Not enough of this sort of stuff out there. Too much stuff like those lights!

  30. I think the Yeti looks lovely, interested to know how it perfoms in the rough stuff and whether it’d cope being ridden hard. Looks good in White, even better in Black. Hope to test ride one soon.

  31. More g*sh Howies stuff…£200?!!! Thats 2 Gore Phantoms, i know what i’d rather have!

  32. I’ve had a quick ride on the Yeti 5.It is indeed tauter than my 575.It looks better in black.

  33. Howies shorts…cotton? Erm is that right, its not exactly known for its wicking of perspiration is it

  34. …This jacket features Quickburst technology, a solution to on-the-fly jacket removal, first created for fire-fighters….

    Not once in my job so far have i thought ‘Its about 700 degrees in here, i wish i could rip the arms off my fireproof tunic, that would cool me down’. Who makes up this stuff???

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