Snow Ride Video

by Ben Haworth 19

Local bearded mentalist, Jeff Jones lookalike and Singletrack contributor Ed Oxley has been messing about in the snow and has knocked up a rather spiffing little vid.

Ed: “The devil makes work for idle wheels so I went out to the woods with my bike and video camera today and tramped up and down having some fun and getting some clips in the snow and sunshine. Can’t work at the moment and I thought it was time to stop moaning about the weather and get out and embrace it. I live up a hill so all rides start with a descent and end with a climb. It was fun, apart from the face plant into a wall! Luckily I was saved by my beard.”

Music is Pon De Floor by Major Lazer.

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  1. Nice one, and nice beard! I got a cam for xmas, so now I know what sort of results I should be aiming for.



  2. Ta Ed, cup of tea, choccy biccy and snowy rad riding vid. Perfect.

  3. Nice vid Ed.
    We did Ragley, Egypt, Widdop, Craggs, Bolty’s Steps on Wednesday night with the Blazing idiots – 3 hours and hypothermic when we finished.

  4. good one. I enjoyed that 🙂

  5. Great vid- i enjoyed that, looked like fun! Looks like the Yeti lives!

    I did one too on my I Pod that i got for christmas-

  6. Nice – who is the artist on the soundtrack?

  7. rjj – Major Lazer. Says up there ^^

    Nice vid Ed. Might see if I can motivate myself to get out this weekend down this end of the valley…

  8. Damn thats so hot its EdOxleyacetylene! and top marks for the application of the Major Lazer, that should really be the STW towers national anthem! 😀

  9. typical falling off on the easy bit having negotiated those steps !

  10. Cool, What camera was used to record that?

  11. Thanks for all your comments. I’m a bit achey today after being owned by that small wall. I don’t normally ride that line as it’s an off camber landing, but I was getting into the glamour of videoing myself and got what I deserved.

    The camera is a Panasonic DMC-FT1

    It’s shockproof and waterproof and I think I can say that it really is now! I use the camera with clients to give feedback on their riding. It’s a great camera for mountain biking because you can just keep it in your pocket without worrying about getting it wet or knocking it.

  12. That looks great and makes me want to go and ride!

  13. Like it. Like it a lot.

  14. Nice one Ed. Quality riding, fantastic location and comedy aswell. All one can ask from an MTB vid.

  15. loosen up, you look really stiff when you ride…

  16. Without doubt the best movette, editing and soundtrack I’ve seen to do with two wheels. Watched 6 times and it still brings a smile to my lips. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the sign of great entertainment!

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