Pace stop distribution of DT Swiss products

by Chipps 21

Pace stop distribution of DT Swiss products

Pace Cycles Limited the UK based performance mountain bike frame and component manufacturer have decided to stop distribution of DT Swiss products in the UK. In addition to its core frame design business Pace also became the distributor for DT Swiss suspension products and other parts after DT purchased its suspension fork designs, technology and manufacturing rights in 2006.

“Its time to focus the Pace business on our new mountain bike frame models, particularly after the successful launch of our extended 2010 range at the Earls Court Show” said Adrian Carter MD.

“We have invested a lot into the establishment of DT as a leading suspension brand and are proud of the elevated profile DT Swiss now has in the UK for all its range however the challenge has been to convince the market that the products high cost and limited availability is worth the investment.

The introduction of new technology into the product hasn’t stimulated the level of trade orders we were expecting in addition to which Pace still has not been supplied with working fork samples and delivery dates for the current product, which has become frustrating ”.

“We’re already sold out the first production run of the new Pace RC104 mountain bike frame” continues Carter “ and it makes much more sense to promote lines which have high demand, target investment on products which can be supplied and support our core Pace brand “

PACE Cycles

PACE 2010 104 FRAME-022229

Pace Cycles will stop being the distributor for DT Swiss suspension, wheels and components with immediate effect however it should be noted that this does not affect the Pace Service Centre which continues to provide full service, spares and warranty support to the Pace, DT and Scott suspension products.

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  1. “in addition to which Pace still has not been supplied with working fork samples and delivery dates for the current product, which has become frustrating”

    isnt that a bit like the pot calling the pot black?

  2. Ooooohhhhh another 853 option – looks pretty slick.
    Not much info on their site, although Morris Blue is obviously the colour to go for. Anyone know the RRP?

  3. Dunno but the new alloy hardtail whatever its called in white looks proper dribble-worthy. That with some RC41 XCAM or Fighter bolt-thrus. Oh dear me…

  4. another bike site suggested £595 as the rrp.

  5. For a British designed bike WHY do the cables run down the down tube so you cannot run a crud catches and they are in all the crap, run them under the top tube, Please. otherwise looks OK

  6. Isn’t that for rear brake hose routing? And it looks far enough to the side to allow Crud Catcher attachment just fine.

  7. I think there’s a few sets of guides and stops on the down tube Ben. I’m guessing one set may be for Alfine or Hammerschmidt or similar specialist gear uses.

  8. Proper nice and I think the driveside chainstay might be 953 stainless – certainly on the custom option.

    Pricey tho’.

  9. to be fair, they do need a new website – their existing one took a bit to find and it’s shocking!

  10. Pace need to do something quite serious with their website – like junk it and start again.

    It looks basic and cheap in comparison to even small outfits like BETD or similar – compared to other bike/frame manufacturers (let alone the big ones) it’s comical.

    I’ve just bought (well, waiting for delivery of) a Pace RC405 frame. I bought it as it was at an excellent price (thanks CRC!) and had very good reviews from STW, BikeRadar and a mate that rides one. I was nearly *dissuaded* from taking the plunge by the Pace website’s lack of information, detail, warranty data or apparent interest in their current or potential customers

  11. you could have used the telephone? its a bit like website, but you talk rather than read.

  12. Looks lovely, only thing is that the breather holes in the stays. any decent builder would fill them after the frame is finished. takes seconds and makes the frame last for ever

  13. I’d disagree with that. Water will always get inside a frame (seatpost, BB, headset) so breather holes are not a problem – they probably assist in a frame drying out quicker 🙂

  14. It’s a daddy or chips thing i reckon. on frames i make, i always ensure the tt, dt (i use closed end bottle bosses) and stays are sealed. the head tube should be sealed if your headset etc fits properly and the seat tube can be coated with frame saver and it is easy to get dirty water out. are those frames hand made or mass produced? if it’s the latter then i’d let them off as it’s another process to set up. still think it’s lovely though 😀

  15. Memories of the corroded Fat Chance Anniversary frames mean no sealed tubes for me.

  16. Bit of a bummer really. Pace always had good deals on DT swiss stuff when i dropped in to say hello.

    Good luck with frames etc.. I am saving the pennies for the single speed, hopefully get one just in time for the summer

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