New Kinesis KM-810 Carbon

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First look with finished graphics.
First look with finished graphics.

SRP is likely to be £999.
Comes in S,M,L sizes
Full monocoque construction.

Kinesis UK: “After a great 2009, which was our 10th anniversary year for the Kinesis UK brand, the coming of 2010 means it is time to look forward again with new frames becoming available for the spring racing season. UK tested and developed, the new KM-810 carbon MTB frame is designed around a familiar racing geometry with a hint of trail in the angles, meaning the frame is ideal for the newer breed of technical singletrack XC courses found especially in the UK. The frame is a full monocoque design, has s-bend stays for improved comfort, is designed for a 90-100mm fork and weighs in at just 1100 grams for the Medium size painted.”

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    hope the quality and QA is better than their spell check…..

    ‘ideal for the newer BREAD of technical singletrack XC courses????’

    Is this course so technical you really need to use your loaf?

    Lovely “only” 100mm forks though would have liked up to 120mm

    It’s you that’s spelt it wrong.

    if I had a spare £1000…… MMMM lovely. Maybe I could swap my XC2 frame for this hmmmm 😉

    Very Very Very Yum Yum Nice, But not Quite as yummy as the Niner Carbon Air9

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