TF Tuned to be Official Cannondale HeadShok Service Centre

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TF TunedCannondale have announced a new partnership with TF Tuned to be an exclusive servicer for its HeadShok and Lefty Forks. Based in Westbury, TF Tuned will provide comprehensive after sales customer support including routine servicing and custom cartridge/telescope tuning for all HeadShok and Lefty forks.

Mike Cotty from Cannondale UK: “The partnership with TF Tuned comes at a great time as we roll out the ‘Lefty For All’ program in the New Year, which allows forks to be fitted to bikes from other brands by using a special 1″1/8th Lefty steerer kit. Now, both existing and new customers will have the best after-sales support, from a highly respected servicer, with an excellent reputation when it comes to all things suspension, servicing and tuning.”

Martin Palmer, Director and Co-Owner of TF Tuned: “Joining forces with Cannondale is of great importance to our business. We work with many of the worlds leading suspension brands and Cannondale was an obvious gap in our offering – we are delighted that we will be able to look after a new group of customers and the innovative range of Cannondale forks.”


A full range of services and pricing can be found via the TF tuned website ( or by calling 01373 826800.

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    Bit of a bummer for the guys at Thumbprint, what is happening to them?

    Thumbprint closed a while ago, which is why Canondale and TF hooked up. Tony at Thumbprint was a nice enough chap. was still up when I looked the other day butt saying they’re re-locating to Venmore farm in Exeter.

    I can’t fault the brilliant service I had from Tony before.

    Tony still going strong at thumbprint and has been working with ‘dale forks since the dawn of time!

    Hmmmmm, Lefty for my Soul. [emails Cannondale for prices]

    “emails Cannondale for prices”

    Think best part of £1000 for a carbon version.

    So is Thumbprint still trading or not?

    im hoping thumbprint is still going as i’ll need to get my ye olde dlr lefty ( pre 2006 ) serviced

    Tony is still about saw him a couple of weekends back and he was still going strong…

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