On One Goes Carbon In 2010

by Chipps 17

Planet-X/On One has just announced the following gossip…

Yes, we are breaking the hot news that we have been spending the past six months working on developing the On-One fleet by using the black wonder material and we’re getting very close to launching some hot new models in 2010.

A bit like this then...

This is a World exclusive sneak preview to the first product to be launched in what we will be a first year launch of three exclusive frame designs plus the worlds first, only, and probably last carbon 29er rims.

Working alongside one of Europe’s leading carbon bike designers – a man so elusive and secretive that he can will only be photographed with a paper bag on his head, and with product development and testing involving the likes of our multi world champion adventure racer Richard Ussher its going to be a big and bold move for us.

Designed by 'box-head man'

Were getting very close to tooling now. First up is the classic 456 which gets the carbon makeover transformation – making On-One one of the first companies to produce a true ground up exclusive own design, ideal for UK conditions, long travel hard-tail, award winning designed, perfect for all mountain long days out .

First sample here end December so Peak District riders should keep their eyes peeled for glimpses of a no longer not so top secret pre-production prototype kiwi ridden off the radar wonderbike in the Christmas holidays .

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  1. A carbon 456? Oh My God…do need them testing? I’ll do it, In fact I’ll buy one…probably…As long as it’s not ugly…

  2. Bontragers XXX-Lite are carbon rims.

  3. Edge Composites Carbon Fiber XC Rims as well

  4. The secret bloke with the box on his head is that chap on here that used to work for mountaincycle or something isn’t it?

    Plasticman or carbonbunny or somat.

  5. The guy with a box on his head is Rant Bichards, a too-cool-for-skool “design guru” and legend of the “scene”.

  6. A long travel carbon hardtail – sounds good

  7. Hope it’s as cheap as the other ones

  8. Bloke with brown bag on his head… is that The Stig I wonder… 😉

  9. Frame pic.. looks a little chunky to me. Maybe it will look better in a slimming black dress.

  10. At least there won’t be any paint to fall off on the first ride.

  11. Kiwi Ridden – Oh Yeah!!

  12. Angular looking tubes, just what makes carbon strong, not.

  13. I think what makes carbon strong is the layup and integrity of the design , more so than an angular tube , not that any of the 456 tubes are going to that angular .

    The designer working on the frame is very experienced , and the factory producing the frames is one of the top carbon producers so we are pretty confident were going to get it right , and even if we didnt chances are wed weed it out in the testing process, and even then if we didnt all frames come with full on-one guarantee . .

    For anyone interested we going to get all the new carbon bikes put through their paces before going to final production , by having 6 bikes down at this place so if anyone wants a pre production test it should be possible, probably in mid jan to mid feb .


    We should hopefully have the carbon 29er , xc , and 456 all done , only down side is the only frame sizes will be 18s . Just fly out there with shoes / pedals / kit and off you go , youd need to sort your board / lodging with the owners but theyd welcome a house full in february im sure

  14. ^^ ooo now that sounds like an excuse for a holiday in feb. Might take you up on that. Would you be that bothered if I broke one, I have a knack for snapping carbon frames, which is why I don’t own one at the moment. I am however always in the market for a new one.

  15. I think what sq225917 was getting at is that in CAD model of the frame the downtube has a changing profile that appears to have a relativly sharp corner in it, as does the chainstay. I assume that the radius of the corner is actually fairly large or no longer exists in the final design. If it is there it would look cool but would provide a weak point in the downtube etc prone to crumpling under a high compressive load.

  16. The secret carbon expert is Zakk Tempest.

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