New Singletrack Wool Jerseys For Christmas

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We’ve just finished our design for a new Sports Wool long sleeved jersey and our manufacturer (Locally sourced in Ilkley, West Yorkshire) are ready to roll the er.. presses or loom or whatever clever machines make these lovely jerseys.

ShuttFt ShuttBk

Custom made for us by Shutt Velo Rapide out of finest sporting-merino.

They will be priced at £94.99 (£84.99 for Premier Account holders – Push the yellow Button)

They will be on sale shortly in our shop (We’ve been promised delivery in time for Xmas despatching) but to help us get the initial order moving quickly we are looking for advanced orders for Monday morning. Don’t worry, we won’t be taking your money just yet. We just need to know numbers and sizes so if you want one of these Jerseys then email with your size preference.

Size wise these jerseys will be slightly loose fitting as opposed to the usual tight roadie squeeze of a standard Shutt cycling jersey.

Size Guide…
Small = 34″ – 38″
Medium = 38″ – 42″
Large = 42″ – 46″

So to get your hands on one from our first batch in time for Christmas you need to email Mark before midday on Monday the 23rd November. If you aren’t yet a Premier Account user then don’t panic. So long as you are when we take delivery and come chasing you for money then you will get the Premier Account discount 🙂

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Comments (23)

    Great, I want one but not if they are baggy. If even cycling specific kit is baggy what hope is there?

    Is it pure merino or a sportwool like mix?


    Sorry to be pedantic but disappointed they won’t fit me.

    Ask all the questions you want. We want people to be happy with them.

    It’s a sportwool type mix (basically sportwool, but not the brand)

    By ‘looser fitting’ we mean that it’s not road-rider tight. We’ve taken their road-bases sizes and gone up a size. So our ‘Large’ is a true mountain biker’s large. It’s not baggy, just not restrictively tight. I hope that makes sense.

    It’ll have three rear pockets and on the front we’ll have two poppers instead of a zip as it seems to suit the jersey better. Shutt has gone to lots of effort to get these just as we’ve asked them.

    Oh, and they’re made in Yorkshire too by real little old ladies with sewing machines. We’ll be over there when they’re sewing them up to prove it 🙂

    So mag subscribers no longer qualify for discounts?

    So magazine subscribers no longer qualify for discounts?

    How did that happen?? – Great thanks Chipps

    Can we someone modelling one – nice lady off the street?

    what’s the weight of the fabric Chipps? as in the 200g/m2 type fabric weight… trying to work out if it will be overkil for don here in Australia come the winter.

    Ninety five bloody quid!!!???

    Rossi, be glad you’re not a Rapha fan 🙂 Their L/S jersey is £130

    I’ll see if I can get the fabric weight for you Langy. I’d say that it’s a light merino, but not the paper-thin stuff that you get in base layers. It’s a merino inner with a 5%(?) synthetic face thread sewn in so the merino wicks really well and the face evaporates it.

    I love hh45 comment. “if cycling specific kit is baggy what hope is there?” Well mate Steve Peat wore baggy kit and he is now the World Champ, It’s not all all budgie smugglers (lycra pants) 🙂

    “Ninety five bloody quid!!!???”

    9 posts in! We’ll check in the office tomorrow to see who won the sweepstake 🙂

    It’s a wool jersey, manufactured in West Yorkshire to a very high quality.. It’s not sourced from China in bulk quantities. That’s cheap for a LS wool technical jersey! And even cheaper if you are Premier Account user 🙂

    “Ninety five bloody quid!!!???”

    I’ve got some Shutt stuff, it is pretty good, but as nice as it is they sell LS jerseys fo £70. Are these different to those?

    As above, how can you justify charging that much for a poxy jumper.

    They are different to their standard jersey. We’ve made quite a few modifications from design and placement of stitching to sizes and popper fasteners.

    We can quite comfortably charge that much because a) that’s what they cost and b) They aren’t poxy jumpers.

    I’ve got some Shutt stuff, it is pretty good, but as nice as it is they sell LS jerseys for £70. Are these different to those?

    Yes, they have different panels, custom ‘ST’ embroidery, flock lettering and we made them fit poppers as we prefer them to their zips, all of which carries a setup charge and, in cases like the poppers, a pattern-change charge too – and the butt-stitched (I know that’s not the technical term…:)) panel joins were annoying, so we got them to flat-stitch them.. We didn’t want to just stick a logo on a stock jersey and charge an extra £15.

    Personally I think if you come on here and start saying things like ’95 bloody quid!!!??’ and ‘poxy jumper’ you’re a cheeky b4stard.

    I just wanted to know if they were the same or not because I thought it unlikely that st would be cheeky enough to simply rebadge and up the price by £25

    I’m a bit disappointed there is not a smaller size for us girlies (and the racing snakes amongst the blokes)- I’m not particularly small at 34″ but think the small will swamp me especially if you say it is a little less snug than a roady jersey. Boo 🙁

    What the girl say. Not all mountain bikers stuff themselves up to the eyeballs with beer and pie.

    Clareymorris just send the jersey to me and my other half will manage to shrink it for you!

    Nice looking jersey. The ‘team’ I’m in have our S/S jerseys made by Shutt (in a pretty similar colour scheme too 😉 ) and they’re excellent, but we’ve gone for a different L/S manufacturer.

    Chipps makes a good point on the Rapha pricing! But their stuff is so well made it’s ALMOST worth it…

    Nice to see you guys designing and having them MADE IN ENGLAND
    Any chance of having one made in synthetic material as I am
    allergic to Whool

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