Fresh Goods – UPDATED!

by 33

Last week was a hectic one at the local post office as we got loads of goods. Things have been a little slower at ST towers this week but we still got some shiny new products and here’s some of the best.


Magura Durin MD100 SL Fork
From: Magura

The 2010 version of the Xc race orientated Durin will now be available in five different colours. Our version is the new white with white crown fork. The fork gives 100mm travel with 9mm dropouts and PM 6″ disc mounts, i.e. direct mount of the caliper without adaptor to run with a 160 mm/6″ rotor. RRP £699.99


Jimi Wallet
From: 2Pure

The Jimi wallet is ‘the wallet for people who hate wallets’. It is made from recycled materials, is water resistant and comes in a variety of up to 9 different colours. The wallet holds a maximum of 5 cards and a few folded up notes, making it a viable option for outdoor travel when you don’t want to bring your traditional wallet. RRP £11.99


Shimano 105 Pedals
From: Madison

Sim got these pedals through as he builds up his roadie kit. The 105 pedals are supposed to use their low profile design to increase road clearance when slicing through corners while the large binding target allows quick engagement with wide cleats which results in more efficient pedalling. RRP £49.99


Shimano R132 Shoes
From: Madison

The shoes to match Sim’s new pedals. They’re made with a carbon fibre composite sole, which is claimed to help improve power transfer. The upper is made from stretch-resistant synthetic leather to ensure the shoe has a long lifespan. There is a hole in the bottom to improve air circulation to the foot, however, we think this could be a problem if you step in too many puddles. RRP £119.99


FSA GAP FR-270 ATB Seatpost
From: FSA

This seatpost has a one piece mast and head and has a forged and CNC’d alloy shaft. It weights 270grams and uses a twin-bolt allen-key adjustment system. RRP £44.95


FSA Gravity Light Wheelset
From: FSA

These disc specific rims from FSA use 32H cartridge bearing straight pull gravity hubs. Added to the hubs are Sapim spokes and brass nipples to add extra strength and durability. The rim is 25mm deep and 28mm wide. The steel freehub is both Shimano and SRAM compatible. RRP £399.95


FSA Afterburner MegaExo Crankset
From: FSA

The 9s compatible MegaExo crankset uses T6 hollow forged crank arms with an integrated 24mm cromoly steel spindle and oversized MegaExo cartridge bearings, meaning this crank should be tough and durable. The set is finished well with anodised grey arms and silver anodised chainrings. RRP £165.99


FSA Gravity Handlebar
From: FSA

The new gravity handlebar from FSA has a 10degree sweep and 4degree rise. RRP £69.95


Uvex Onyx Helmet
From: Raleigh

We got more helmets in from Uvex for our planned helmet groputest. This one is the Onyx. It has 17 ventelation openings. RRp £39.99


Uvex Supersonic RS Helmet
From: Raleigh

The Supersonic RS helmet was created specifically with downhill and cross country riders in mind. It has 20 ventilation openings to help air circulation. It has a high density polystyrene inner shell and a makrolon outer shell. RRP £74.99


Uvex XP 100 Hemet
From: Raleigh

The XP 100 is primarily a woman specific helmet. It has 16 ventilation holes, but has a strange, non-plastic feel. The surface feels like a soft cardboard It also has a bee-stop mesh lining in the front vents. RRP £69.99


Uvex Sporting Helmet
From: Raleigh

The Sporting has 19 vents and a mesh panel covering the forehead panels to prevent insect attacks. RRP £45.99


Uvex X-Ride Titan
From: Raleigh

Designed for both XC and road use, the X-ride has 23 ventilation holes and a mesh covering to prevent any insects from entering the helmet. RRP £89.99


KinkyBikes Chain Stays
From: KinkyBikes

Designed to fit most frames Kinky protectors are said to effectively prevent scratches and nicks to your much loved frame. Kinky chainstay protectors are made from heavy duty neoprene, rubber and thread. RRP £6.50


Altura Summit 3/4 Shorts
From: Zyro

Altura’s Summit shorts are made from hard wearing dura-plus fabric and come with a removable inner short. They have a popper waits and zip fly with 3 pockets and several airflow vents. RRP £59.99


Altura Attack Waterproof 3/4
From: Zyro

These 3/4 shorts have a highly durable re-enforced crotch panel and an ergonomic multi panel cycling cut and Altura claim they are water and wind proof. The waist closes with poppers and there is a zip fly and a reflective trim on the shorts for evening rides. RRP £64.99


Altura Quantum 3/4 Shorts
From: Zyro

These are women specific 3/4 from Altura. They have a removable padded inner which is made with a specific stretch multi density insert. RRP £49.99

Comments (33)

    £780 for a 100mm fork! Please tell me that is an error chaps?

    those Maguras would look just lovely on my soon to be refurbished Unit………

    Agree with sofatester – what a joke! What’s changed that they can put up the price by £200-odd for 2010? Just a bit of white paint on the crown it appears…

    Ahhh, those forks must be using that diamond based paint i have never heard of but must exist to warrant such a price hike.

    No they come from a country with a functioning economy that explains the price 😛

    Functioning economy or not, they need to be priced to sell. Who’s gonna fork out almost £800 for a fork? I always thought £400 was about the right price for forks. But I remember when all this was fieldzzz.

    Totally agree on component price hikes. Sure the pound may be weak and imports more expensive, but i’m reliably informed by friends with the knowledge that aluminium and shipping costs have really dropped not to mention global inflation hovering around 0%. Therefore, the two factors should balance out meaning no significant price rises. Better to get mojo or TF tuned to rehabilitate your old forks.

    After buying stuff that i wanted only to see it 1/2 in price sometime later in the end of year sales, have decided to look around see what i like and buy towards end of next year bargin tastic

    i know steel prices are starting to climb again, the Pound has tanked. Bike24 are listing this years magura at 720 euro, the price has risen but not markedly.

    Similar thoughts here. I can’t get my head round the daft prices being charged for some components now. I’m sure they are just going to irritate consumers who will avoid all their other products too. They may even put folk off the idea of mountain biking altogether.

    Near £800 for a fork is nearly as daft as the £900 DT Pace in the magazine a month ago.

    Jimi wallets. £12 for a plastic box. Why bother? If you’re that gullible you’re never going to have any money to put in it anyway…

    Road pedals, cleats and shoes. Totally irrelevant on a mountainbike site, stop waasting bandwidth.

    Helmets. Bulbous. Plastic. Vented. Insightful.

    I cant imagine why Altura would wish to enforce my crotch on the first occasion, let alone subsequent ones. Get a spell checker.

    I’m going to bed, I’ll try my best to get out of the right side in the morning.

    how much did the first Judy SL cost? how much inflation has there been in the last 10 years, £800 is not that bad, and if you don’t want to spend that much don’t spend it.

    So MTB riders don’t ride road bikes?

    My bike is now going to transcend its current eco/ethical credentials as I look to repair and maintain parts rather than replace wholesale. Although it remains to be seen whether i’ll still feel that way after an evening effing up the installation of new BB bearings or something.

    Well I just bought a Kinky Bikes chainstay protector.

    They look ace, and Ed’s got one. So now I’m more like him. Cool.

    IME the Jimi wallet that I had failed at the “hinge” in only a few months. Unless they’ve been improved they get nil points from me.

    hi speaker, if you drop us an email at we can arrange a replacement for you. FWIW i’ve been using my Jimi for over a year now with no problems – but i guess that’s because I have no money to put in it eh chris? 🙂


    They look ace, and Ed’s got one. So now I’m more like him. Cool.
    Hows the beard coming on? 😉

    Get em on Olie. The Unit needs posh clobber now its got to nestle up to that ‘cross bike.

    Chris – the road stuff IS relevant; it was started because of the number of forum posters who also ride road bikes; the whole idea is to see what it is all about from a ‘MTB only’ POV

    “how much did the first Judy SL cost?”

    Probably more than you can buy some O/E Reba SLs for right now…. Any you wonder why there’s so many RS forks about these days? 🙂

    2 skewers with the wheels – what’s that axle in the front hub ??

    i must agree with the other authors on here…£720 for a set of forks is a load of shite. I thought that Fox forks had got expensife…the same technology since the millenium and now cost £500-600…£720 is a piss take. What do they think we are.

    Altura stuff is gash.
    Those helmets look UTTER gash.

    Jimi wallets are utter gash. A complete waste of plastic. I don’t know what inspired anyone to ever design them. I’m even more surprised that someone thought it would be a good design to distribute them or produce them.

    cough £780…i misread it the first time. What a joke.

    When will people realise that we have had the luxury of cheap bike parts for too long?

    Go back 10 years & XTR was a distant dream because of the price, these days, every man & his dog has it.

    The original RS SID cost £600-£650. These are now 20%-30% more than that but they weigh less, perform better & are made from more expensive materials. So it isn’t really that much more for a £780 Magura than a 10 year old SID?

    People need to stop moaning.


    i like the pink flowery helmet.

    I agree on fork pricing, but I love my Jimi wallet; had mine for 3 years. The hinge did fail after 1, but it still works (I kind of clip it together). OK it’s not perfect but it doesn’t get damp in my bag and it stops me carrying around loads of unnecessary c***.

    The price for the fork is RRP. Shop around and you’ll get em cheaper. We live in the internet age. They are great forks and if you don’t want to pay for em, don’t buy em. Simple.

    The correct price of the Magura Durin SL is £699 (not £779).

    Apologies for the error!

    i think the pink flowery helmet is nice, think I might get one for the wife, it will match her bike and outfit.

    Benji – is that new lower price as a result of these comments? 😉

    I don’t think so no 🙂

    Also check the XP100 description – its not a womens helmet according to Uvex or Raleigh’s sites. Damn good helmet mind….

    We’ll never really know what prices are fair or not without knowing exactly how much something costs to produce. There are markups that companies have to charge, but us the public aren’t likely to find out what the basic production costs are. I would guess tho, that bike stuff costs roughly what it needs to cost, as generally there’s a bit of time involved in production. Another factor is how new the design is. If most of the internals of something have been changed, then there’s design time as well as production costs. If it’s just a new colour, some will pay twice the price for it! Sorry, my mind wandered!

    In general though, I would guess that a company isn’t going to charge a stupid price without needing to, as they know they’ll make less money if nobody buys them.

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