2009 Singletrack Reader Awards

by Nathan 19


Yes, they’re back folks. The Singletrack Reader Awards have returned once again for the ninth year in a row giving you the chance to air your views and vote.

The great thing about our awards is that they are entirely reader based, so it’s all about you and your experiences, so the results aren’t dictated by any bureaucratic back-handers.

We’ve got the categories ready and now all we need are your suggestions. Let us know who, or what you think deserves to be nominated in each category and we’ll whittle the nominations down to a final three or four for each and the selected nominations will be put to an X-factor style vote – where you decide the winners.

Send your suggestions to – awards2009@singletrackworld.com

The categories:

Best New Product: Hardware
The best new product released in 2009 according to you. It can be anything from a tyre or a multi-tool to a pedal or a full groupset – as long as it has made your riding experience better.

Best New Product: Software
The best wearable product released in 2009. This includes everything such as shoes, hydration packs, gloves, jeans and even helmets.

Best New Bike
The best real-world bike released in 2009 (the crazy stuff comes in a minute). This is your chance to nominate the race, trail, freeride or DH bike that you’ve been most impressed with this year.

Bike Porn
No cheeky business. This is for the bike that left the drool hanging out of your mouth this year and left you wishing you had a bigger wallet.

Best Photographer
This category allows you to vote for any photographer who images have captured your attention in any of the last 8 editions of Singletrack.

Best UK Event, Show or Series
This is open to just about any event as long as it has occurred in the UK during 2009. It can be a race you’ve attended or even competed in, or it can be a bike show of festival.

Best UK Trail Centre
Which trail centre has given you the best blend of fantastic riding, facilities and overall enjoyment in the past year?

Best Mail Order.
Which company has been super prompt with delivery, great with stock and been equipped with knowledgeable staff?

Best Singletrack Feature
Was there a feature that you found inspired you, maybe there was one that made you laugh until it hurt? Whatever it was, let us know.

Best Bike Shop
This is for the local guy down the high street. Forget the on-line moguls here and let us know which real world shop has impressed you in 2009.

Mountain Bike Personality Of The Year
Who do you think has done the most to help further the mountain biking scene in the UK. Who IS UK mountain biking personified?

Send your suggestions to – awards2009@singletrackworld.com

Comments (19)

  1. Regarding the trail center prize, I think it would be better to open it out to best man made. Centers like Lee Quarry and Gisburn will lose out as they have no faculties. Its just going to be same old Agfan or glentress etc etc.

  2. Perhaps that will give them the impetus they need to build some facilities in these places… 🙂

  3. Personally I’d prefer to see the impetus put into trail building than a fancy cafe seeing overpriced coffee and cake.

    It would be nice for the guys who have dug some of these places to be recognized for the trails they produce and not be precluded because they dont have a cafe.

    IMO of course.

  4. Maybe GT often wins these type of awards because it has the trails and and great facilities selling delicious and well priced coffee and cakes…..

  5. Or maybe it wins as it a magnet for 100s each weekend as they think that’s what mountain biking is about and don’t go anywhere else.

  6. Glentress is pretty damn good..!! ;o)

  7. Agreed it is good, but, imo not as good a trail as say Penmachno, which has no facilities so wont get a look in.

  8. “Or maybe it wins as it a magnet for 100s each weekend as they think that’s what mountain biking is about and don’t go anywhere else.”Aint that the truth….

  9. Penmachno is a great trail… but.. there is only the one..
    if you wanted to spend a weekend somewhere, GT is hard to beat, trails for everyone (green, blue, red, black, freeride, skills) and if you want to head out and do some proper mtbing then the hills around are overflowing with quality..

  10. I’m not disputing the quality of the trails, just the fact that by including facilities like cafe’s the category of best trail centre will only be limited to the ones that have it, not based on the quality of the riding.

  11. That’s exactly right.. It’s not solely based on the quality of the riding. It’s a more encompassing and comprehensive award than that. It’s an award that covers the whole experience of a trailcentre from parking, to riding to eating, as those are all important experiences. Like Chipps said, if the others are missing out then perhaps they need to consider the other aspects of the award and see what they can do.

  12. I wonder if Peaty will win something else this year???

  13. Disappointed at the lack of a beard category.

  14. no ‘imaginitive way of starting a race’ category either, I see.

    Remember brass bands and toy ray guns?

  15. 2nd the beard cat mines coming along nice and gingerly!

  16. No idea at all who might win MTB personality of the year award…..*thinks*…………………………………….!

    Bike shop of the year has always puzzled me.I’m from Leeds and use bikeshops in Leeds,……..well, some of ’em, so how can I rate a shop from, say, Cheshire, for instance?

  17. There is clearly a gap for a huge fat old bloke on a bike category

  18. Call it Bike Centre and vote for the new development in Swaledale!!!!

    No overpriced cake or coffee and lots of fantastic natural trails – perhaps this is the next step for those stuck in the ‘trail centre’ experience? Getting out on some real trails in the real world.

  19. I would certainly second the Dales Bike Centre in Swaledale as the best natural trail centre – excellent cake, curries and coffee, surrounded by miles of natural trails.

    Get out of the trail centres and get onto the moors!

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