Ortlieb Rain Hat

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“You should never leave without the Ortlieb Rain Hat. It is suitable for collecting water or protecting your head. The waterproof light weight hat can be easily stowed away in a jacket pocket. It features a broad rim and an adjustable cord with cord lock. One size fits all (size 60).” So say Ortlieb anyway.

We like Like Ortlieb stuff. It’s practical, tough and of course waterproof.

Here modelled by the lovey Ed Oxley yellow waist coats to accessorise.
Here modelled by the lovey Ed Oxley (on the right). Yellow waist coats to accessorise.

What to say… It does just what it says really. It’s fantastic in a downpour. It acts like an umbrella for your head with the water flying off in all directions. And helping to make your watery experience easier, it’s a fun thing to wear as well (especially if you’re rocking a massive beard, obviously).

Overall: Waterproof. Yellow. Cool? If you’re off to Fort William for the Worlds next year this should be in your rucksack (alongside the midge repellent).

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