2010 Nicolai Helius AFR

by Ben Haworth 13


Following the launch of the Helius AM and Helius AC comes the Helius AFR – All FreeRide(!). Recommended fork is a 7” single crown. According to Nicolai they’ve made the seat tube “offset and slack allowing you to drop the seat forward and out of the way for the descent without sacrificing a good riding position when the saddle is up”. Seat tube is 30.9 for uppy-downy seatpost compatibility.

The design has been developed in conjunction with Elmar Keineke and Carlo Diekmann whose help during the testing stages enabled Nicolai to finalise this design in “record time”.

Available now from £1600.


·      175-197mm rear travel.
·      The same weight as the Helius FR (3.5kg/<8lbs).
·      12mm Maxle compatible rear end and Hammerschmidt compatibility both come as standard.
·      Hand-built in Germany – everything is machined and welded in house.
·      Huge colour choice – anodised, powder coat (matt, gloss, glitter…)
·      5 year warranty.

Helius AFR 2010 geometry


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  1. yum yum, another potential replacement for the nomad.

  2. Thats not a bad price considering. Taiwan ain’t cheap these days it seems.

  3. Yep – got mine ordered. Can’t wait to add it to the other 2 Nic’s sitting in my shed! Price doesn’t include shock BTW. CCDB going on mine.

  4. hubba hubba – want one

  5. I wonder what Knolly think about the offset seatpost thing, as I am sure they patented that

  6. Nicolai have doing seat tubes like that for years. Nice looking frame that.

  7. I still prefer my FR from ’05 to be honnest. This one ain’t much different to the Helius ST which has been around for years. 6/10 🙁

  8. What do you mean richc – how can you patent the angle of a seat post, that sounds like proper BS to me.

  9. Niiiiceee…. I want one in black.

  10. Shoefiti, the seat post is offset forward of the BB joint. If you look in detail the “normal” seat post is only as a little stub possibly to mount a front mech on. This is what Knolly may or may not have patented……..

  11. Like the chainstay/seatube junction. Reminds me of that evil? jumpbike.

    Must add a fair bit of weight though.

  12. I don’t think weight is the number one priority on that frame.

  13. want want want want want want
    can’t have

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