Fresh Goods

by Tom dB 19

All the way from Switzerland are these DT Swiss EXC 150 forks with 15mm bolt-thru.


PIE! DT Swiss know us so well.
And to go with the forks are a pair of 15mm DT Swiss E2200 wheels in perfect post box red.
Endura Dexter gloves are windproof, which, looking outside might be a very good thing at the moment.
3/4 length shorts seem very much in vogue at the moment, Endura have taken their Singletrack short and grown the legs a bit.
Little red bikes are just irresistible. This chunky little Santa Cruz Chameleon is no exception.
Syncros FL stem with BNG (that's Bold New Graphics), Syncros is calling it white grunge.
Syncros Bulk bars in 710mm width, which is fast becoming our minimum preferred width.
More grunge graphics on the Syncros AM seatpost.
All the way from Cardigan bay, this limited edition Howies t-shirt of the week.
Jeremy Whittle's book came out in time for last year's Tour de France. It seems as relevant (and engaging) a read this year too, written by a ten year veteran journo of the Tour circus.

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  1. Why are DT Swiss forks soo expensive? Its not as though they have to import them into the UK from the US like Fox’s with the dodgy exchange rate along with duty and shipping along with a distributors mark-up is it?

  2. Have you seen the Pound-Euro exchange rate? It’s even worse than the dollar one…

  3. Understand but then they need to update their website then (or make it clearer):
    Based on the fringe of the North York Moors National Park, Yorkshire, England, Pace is ideally situated to both develop and test its range of forks, frames and clothing. All products are designed and assembled in house, and every weld and precision fork part is produced by a single driving force – our passion and total commitment to mountain biking.

  4. Ah, website needs updating.

  5. Those tyres are going to ruin the look of those rims.

  6. The fork comes with a fancy carbon pan that you put under the front tyre to collect the oil that will inevitably pi$$ out of the fork.

  7. What’s the Euro rate got to do with it? Switzerland isn’t in the Euro. £ has still fallen against the franc. Anyway, the prices shot up as soon as DT took over Pace, so the exchange rate only explains part of it, doesn’t it?

  8. Should have bought a red Chameleon…

  9. Those Dexter gloves are great to ride right through the winter (which was probably better weather than last summer), but the stitching on the closure tab has gone rather quickly on two pairs that I’ve had. No problems getting them replaced though

  10. Good point Farticus. I’ll take a slap for my European monetary memory…

  11. A good idea for a future STW article? Where are the price risers taking us and the impact on people taking up cycling as a serious new hobby?

    I don’t like UK companies raising their prices either saying labour costs cost more when they are probably making extra business(£) exporting due to the currency differences as well as matching imports higher pricing.

  12. I have those Endura gloves – best gloves I’ve used ever, ever.

    The gel thing on the palm makes long rides more comfortable (I wore my ‘summer’ last weekend and defo noticed the lack of squidgy gel).

  13. Those Dexter gloves are fine, but they need to sort out a little tab on the velcro fastener. Pulling the velcro off while wearing both gloves is a right PITA without something to pull on.

  14. They also have duty to worry about as well as the exchange rate – could be as high as 14% at a guess, dleivery and logistics costs could easily be the same again as they are a relatively low volume manufacturer.

  15. Well I buy lots of kit in from Switzerland (sadly not bike stuff) and it went up by 15% this week, though I knew about it so have about 4 months stock in unless something goes really t*

  16. MrOvershoot, Cookoo clocks and Swiss chocolate?

  17. Be interested in hearing what the shorts are like, need some new 3/4 at some point soon!

  18. THe UK is now ripe for a UK-manufacturer bike company to undercut all the rip off current ones. 1.5k for a UK-made full susser frame. Why?

  19. got any jobs going? would kill to work in an office with all that stuff!

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