chub wheel goods

by Tom dB 14

Whilst collecting a bike from Jungle products I was shown some Chub hubs they will soon be importing.

The blurb states “Massive flanges mated to a mighty carbon tube increase torsional stiffness and fatigue life, mininise windup. Spoke stress is decreased 70% over conventional high flange hubs.

Carbon middle, singlespeed hub, much lighter than it looks.
Carbon middle, singlespeed hub, much lighter than it looks.

front and rear

a barrel of hubs
a barrel of hubs

Cassette hubs are planned for the near future, and also a crank that uses a triangular spindle along with BB30 size external bearings for a convention BB shell.

You can find out more over at

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  1. I do love massive flanges. They look like my Dynamo hub.

  2. “massive flange”

    Tee hee.

  3. Chub stuff is fantastic even if they do look a little… odd. Glad to see them being picked up for the UK market, they already do really well in the US.

  4. They do look rather ‘special’, and those graphics are truely crapola. Their cranks look interesting though.

  5. That’s a camera bag full of hubs. Where’d the cameras go?

  6. I actualy quite like the graphics, was pondering today whether to get a proII front hub to bolster the forks a bit (running it QR, but bulbs were always stiffer than XC’s so reasoed proII’s should be as well).

    Might just wait for these now 🙂

  7. Digging the graphics here.

  8. Graphics good, Hubs kind of fugly 🙂

  9. Wayne Rooney’s fugly and it never did him any harm.

  10. A new version of the old Pace hubs, but a little less shiny, i was hoping they were going to be a rolhoff type thing going on in there.

  11. they are about 5 times the size of the old pace hubs! and i have to say they really work, the rear wheel on mine is insanely stiff

  12. With the massive flanges the spoke entry into the rim is likely to cause more spoke failures even if built two cross, this will mean that they may cause as many problems as they solve. Really like the colours and graphics though.

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