Fresh Goods

by Tom dB 20

Sim's finally got his hands on a Crank Brothers Joplin seatpost.
Lightweight titanium rails on the 'All Mountain' saddle from Outland, with what can only be described as a unique finish.
Outland's 'Slopestyle' flanged lock-on grips. Similar to Odi Ruffians but cost less.
Sounding like a robot from Star Wars the RSPR DBR Fuse has a clever retention system twinned with a not so clever chin strap. Modeled by the super clever Ben.
17 tooth single speed kit for around £15 from Outland.


Curved aluminium body on the Outland Kustom Slim Pedals. Nice and trendy in white but we're not too keen on the standard short pins.
Vaude hydration bag has a neat airflow system and key holder but no bladder.
Mark tries on some new kit from Sugoi (Matt prefers his Puma and Edwin ensemble.. understandably).
The ever popular Altura Summit 3/4 shorts for riders wanting a more casual look whilst on the trails.
A new LowePro Dryzone Rover camera bag for Sim. Features a waterproof 'drypod' for all his camera equipment, a tripod holder and still has space for a hydrapak, spare clothes and sandwiches.
New Bontrager Rhythm CP shorts seem very hard wearing with a removable 'inform' chamois.
Altura Synchro Ladies Baggy Shorts with 'Magic Silver' yarn.
The Avenir Modena glasses come with four different lenses to choose from and a sturdy case to keep them all in.
Or for a more road rider look, go for the Uvex Racer's instead.

Comments (20)

  1. There’s a homeless guy in my village that looks just like Matt in that pic above. Give him a can of cheap lager and he would be a dead ringer!

  2. All in brown, all in brown….
    We know a song about that don’t we children.

  3. Theres homeless guys across the country who look like Matt!

  4. Does Matt ever smile? He always looks like someone just ran over his dog.

  5. Oh bugger. And now I feel guilty incase Matt HAS a dog and… well… Sorry Matt.

  6. Matt does have a dog, Bert, who as far as I know is not yet road kill.

  7. I think Matt looks a bit scary in a “Angry Hell’s Angel with a pool cue” kinda way.

  8. i thought mark had just come back from a muddy ride at first glance.

  9. Matt’s got a lovely smile. You just leave him alone. And his dog.

  10. Is it me or is Sim looking increasingly like Brian Blessed.

    Gordon’s Alive!

  11. Eh? I don’t even have any facial hair.

  12. matt looks like the drummer from ZZ top

  13. I’m not sure what it says about a product when you’d rather show a picture of its box than the product itself

  14. Mark, 9/10 for attempting the difficult “Littlewoods hip handed elbow point”, an advanced pose requiring commitment, determination and the suspension of all dignity.

    Inspiring, truly inspiring.

  15. Looking forward to the Joplin review. I assume it’s one of the newer ones with the new clamp? What size is it, are they not now doing a 27.2 size?

    Matt is modelling a good tramp-a-like. However I reckon it’s a subtle camo for cheeky trail riding. Irrate farmer chases naughty MTBers. Catches em, but wait….much confusion….am I looking in the mirror, feel a bit off now. Once irrate farmer wanders home, head hung low contemplating shot gun/mouth experiment.

  16. Showerman – nope, ZZ Top’s drummer was Frank Beard who was (of course) the only one without a beard…

  17. so who are Outland? Not heard the name before and cant find a website although they seem to be well listed on

    seem to be a finishing kit kind of outfit in the mold of M:Part and Kalloy etc.

  18. Outland is Raleigh’s own brand stuff. Seems to be cheap and reasonable quality, I’ve had quite a few Outland things and never had any problems

  19. Outland is supplied through Raleigh. Also, to come back on ST’s comments on the short pins, I agree – this is why i’ve changed them. Both, pins and bolts (all replaceable – unlike V8’s!!) are being extended by 2mm so performance will improve and price will still remain low! Also, watch this space for new colours and graphics!

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