Felt Breed

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Felt Breed.
Felt Breed.

Felt Breed
Price: £724.99
From: Saddleback 01454 299965
Weight: Less than 20lbs

I was thinking that my old Kona Jake the Snake was getting on a bit and I wanted a replacement. I was also thinking I wanted something a bit lighter and faster than a slicked-up MTB for commuting on. I wanted an off road utility bike.

So I went for a Felt Breed singlespeed cyclocross bike. Less than 20lbs for a big lad’s bike. Shonky brakes, skinny tyres, dodgy bars, a very racy saddle and no gears. And possibly the most fun bike I’ve ridden in years.

Light, fast, very very responsive steering. And a seat post that was about 30mm too short – that was the first thing to go. I thought that the saddle would soon follow but that hasn’t been the case so far.

Shower time.
Shower time.

Riding to work has been lots of fun. Letting the bike drift around corners for the Hell of it. Sprinting up any random short climbs. Taking the fun route rather than the sensible route. I’ve been late into the office on more than one occasion. Spinning home in the evening sun has been equally as much fun.

So far after approximately 300 miles of muddy, rooty and not overly steep trails – including a sojourn to the South Downs – I can’t see me using anything else until the trails dry out.

The ability to zip along on tarmac gives lots of options for when I’m running a bit too late on my commute. The thin tyres mean that I only have a small amount of mud up my back when I arrive, instead of a 2.25in wide stripe.

The 36×16 gear is a bit spinny, but hey – I’m working on my suplesse.

Dusky goodness.
Dusky goodness.

Overall: Will it turn me into a ‘cross nutter? Doubtful but you never know. If any bike will turn me this is it. Top marks from me.
Steve Makin


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  1. Bit pricey fella!? you’d get a better deal on a Specialized singlecross. Plus you get a better saddle to perch your ass!

  2. £724.99 for that?!

  3. Does seem expensive compared to a Tricross SS. Nice though.

  4. compared to a Specialized Singlecross it’s a far better bike, with superior, and longer lasting, finishing kit all round

  5. Looks nice but there’s no way my back would stand up to riding singlespeed whilst being leant ofver that far.

  6. I’m not into SS but that does look nice! >£700 does sound a bit steep though, but I might think differently if I saw one in the flesh.

    Now I think of it I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any Felt in the flesh, ever.

  7. I picked up a Tricross for £350, most of the bits have had to be replaced (or about to) but the replacement parts certainly don’t add up to £400…

    SSCX definitely super fun for the winter.

  8. Hmmm. I like. £300 more than the TriCross but better wheels, chainset & brakes. Not a bad investment at all.

  9. I think this years Tricross is £499 RRP ?, sure the Felt has better quality components, not sure its £200 worth of better components, but hey I liked the colour 🙂

  10. Never mind suplesse Mr Makin, I’m more impressed with your flexibility. Blimey that’s one hell of a drop from that saddles to the tops of your bars let alone the drops.

  11. dont!!! dont make me want another bike 🙁

    praps when i get a new job ill blow the first paycheck on something like that….. perhaps….

  12. Got the Tricross SS myself. The perfect commuter. Amazed how much fun it is. Haven’t been on the mountain bike since I got it.

    SS Cyclocross is the way to go.