Out with the old and in with the new.

by Matt Letch 13

Stu from Yeti popped in to see us yesterday with some new bikes. Well not exactly new –  but much more importantly new colours!

Tom de Bruin using his binocuspecs™ looking for hidden flaws
Tom de Bruin using his binocuspecs™ looking for hidden flaws

The Yeti 575 is now available in two new colours. First of all….

Team Colours. Yay!
Team Colours. Yay!

Team colours will probably make the bike go faster as well, but not as fast this…

 Black and white living in harmony. Wonder & Mcartney nowhere in sight
Black and white living in harmony. Wonder & McCartney nowhere in sight

The best thing about this is (apart from the new colour ways) is that Stu has some Ex-demo models at very good prices (see list below). He would have had more but Tom ended up buying one!

  • Small 575
  • Medium 575
  • Long DJ
  • Two 303 DH frames (including free viewing stand seen below…)
"it'll make a great talking piece"
"it'll make a great talking piece"

If you’re interested in any of them, you can contact Stu at sking24AThotmail.com

Comments (13)

  1. News? Interesting? Really?

    Or, just an advert for a couple of used frames?

  2. so what sort of prices on the 575’s?

  3. If your after the demo ones contact stu and negotiate.

  4. Where are the new colours? I’m sure i’ve seen that greeny colour before.

  5. the whites lovely but I cant help thinking that the team colours are, well how do I put this, yes, gopping! 😆

  6. Mmmm, still no sign of an ASR Carbon

  7. I have an ASR Carbon in my room here, tell me how to upload a piccy and i will! if not i can send you a pic by email. probably the most versitil bike in the world!

  8. No Idea Dwain, but I’m jealous! Waiting for my frame to arrive…probably on a pallet somewhere in the far east!

  9. Dwain: One was of uploading a pic is to use http://www.imageshack.us which is very straight forward.

  10. Interesting choice of tyres on the built bikes. Kenda on the back and Maxxis on the front. Anyone know exactly what the tyres are. i may want to try out that combo?

  11. Quick update:
    the DJ and medium 575 are now sold.
    As for tyres – I’ve got the Kenda King of Traction on the rear which are amazing and recent demo events have been very wet. Fronts are either a High Roller or an Ignitor.

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