Fresh Goods

by Tom dB 13

Commencal Super 4.1 - going toe-to-toe against the Orange ST4 in next issue's head-to-head test.
Lezyne CBL 10 - yes it's a multitool with carbon fibre accents. For a feature in issue 48 currently dubbed "Handbags".
A very special shock for Benji's Cannondale Prophet MX. It's made him quite excited.
A bolt-thru rear hub for Matthew's Orange Alpine 5 (he's finally persuaded Orange to give him a bolt-thru swingarm for it).
We suspect the "winning" bike in the Commencal-v-Orange head-to-head test might be decided on preferred colour scheme.
Our coffee machine has been repaired. Huzzah! Bring on the caffeine-induced trembling and paranoia!
Lotsa headsets from Cane Creek. It's stuff like this (and boring bread-and-butter drivetrain bits) that we're always struggling for when we're building up bikes.
Bontrager Rhythm Pro wheelset. Nice wide rims with normal QR hubs.
More stuff for the "Handbags" feature. The new Blackburn Mammoth 2Stage pump and some Park Tools Allen key and screwdriver sets.
Stormtrooper-esque leg armour from SixSixOne.
SixSixOne p*sspot helmet. We've noticed a lot of people opting for these sorts of helmets for riding in chilly conditions.
SixSixOne Evolution full-facer for Benji (who's never really had a full-face helmet before).
SixSixOne Evo knee pads. Filled with "magic gunk". Squidgy and comfy when riding but goes hard upon impacts.
Salsa Bell Lap bars for Matt's cross bike commuter. His needs-wider-bars mantra extends beyond mountain bikes.

Comments (13)

  1. I like blue more than green…

    Is that a PURPLE headset – dibbs on it please.

  2. Oh no, I want that purple headset….going to eat worms now…

  3. I have to say I’m a big fan of 46cm wide road bars (as on my Planet X). I might even go for a 48 if there was such a beast (and not a X-cross type where drops are wider than tops).

    I certainly think that with the growth of sportive rides that road component companies should look at 46 and 48s for added comfort for riders. who knows even “big” racers might like a wide bar?

  4. I run 46cm Bell Laps on my CX- I can’t reccomend them highly enough…

  5. Nice coffee machine. I could do with one of those!

  6. Ooh, send me something girly if you’ve got anything going spare… Matt perhaps? 😉

  7. bottomless port-a-filter eh? how do you get on with it?

  8. What’s special about the RP23? is it a longer than usually available model for ‘bigger’ bikes?

  9. Is that Ed Oxley in the p*sspot helmet?

  10. I’ll be interested to see what you think about the super4.
    Got one in my ‘demo’ collection.
    I’d still probably get a meta, but that said ,it doesnt feel shortchanged.

  11. If that headset on the left is a zero stack thing, and you don’t need a zero stack thing, but you do want a quick review from a low budget MTB-er of a zero stack thing, then get in touch. Would be more than happy to oblige!
    (could scrape the gravel/loose bearings out of the rusty pit that is my current finely tuned setup then)

  12. The headset on the left is for 1.5 headtubes so that you can run a regular 1.125in steerer, but with super low stack height – what most chunky headtube bikes seem to be doing rather than running a full 1.5 fork. I think it already has a home on one of our regular test bikes, but if not we’ll keep you in mind…

  13. Thanks Chipps but what I would need is a Cane Creek “Zero Stack” not “one.point.five”. Or “Integral” as Hope would have it, or semi-integrated as others would have it… Standards eh!
    So anyway, it might not fit 🙂

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