Marzocchi 888 Fork Recall

by Ben Haworth 4

Marzocchi has learned that after a forceful landing, the suspension system can become completely compressed and “bottom out.” The piston rod may collapse under the load of the landing. The collapsed piston rod prevents the suspension system from extending and returning to its original configuration. The fork spring will remain compressed inside the fork leg.

WARNING: If an unqualified mechanic attempts to repair the suspension system, the fork may extend violently, ejecting the top cap or spring with significant force, resulting in personal injury. In addition, if a piston rod breaks after a jump, it is possible, but not likely, that a rider can fall from the bicycle and strike the ground, thereby sustaining personal injury.

The suspension systems affected by this program were manufactured between July 10, 2007 and September 15, 2007 and can be identified with the date of production on the crown.

The date is written in the format: T07D0710

T07 = Year 2007
D07 = Month (July)
10 = Tenth day of the month

See the attached photographs 2 & 3 depicting the location of the production number date.


Immediately stop the use of the suspension systems manufactured during the relevant time period and return them to an authorized Marzocchi retailer for repair.

If the pumping rod of your suspension system has already failed, DO NOT TRY TO REPAIR THE SUSPENSION SYSTEM YOURSELF. Return them to an authorized Marzocchi retailer for repair. There will be no charge to you for repairing your suspension system.

If you have any questions, please contact Marzocchi’s UK distributor at:

Solent (UK) Ltd
Units D2-D3 Heritage Business Park
Heritage Way, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 4BG
02392 521912

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  1. this is just the 888? not the 66’s right?

    /looks nervously at his beloved 07 66’s

  2. The clue is in the title!

  3. There were only 2 sold in the UK and theyre both accounted for so no need to fret – apparently

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